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Anecdotal Reports on Using Raw Honey


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Raw honey - image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Honey has been mentioned more often than not for Seborrheic Dermatitis, but there are some reports it improves rosacea.These anecdotal reports are mostily about using raw honey as a cleanser and coconut oil as a moisturizer. Not everyone finds this treatment works, which is what we call the X-Factor in Rosacea, but many do find it works for them. The only way is to try it yourself to see if you are successful. Anecdotal reports have been used for many, many years to be helpful to find a way to improve your SD or rosacea. If you do try this treatment, why not volunteer and find the green reply button and post your comment on this treatment. That is what volunteering to help other rosaceans is all about instead of just thinking about yourself. Do you have any idea how long it takes to make a post on this subject?  Why not take a subject like this and try it sometime?

Coconut Oil Not the Focus
In many of the anecdotal reports about using a honey mask mention using coconut oil as a moisturizer, due to Auburn's recommendation, since honey dries the skin. Some report that the coconut oil irritates their skin, so do a test to see if you are allergic (patch test on inner wrist). Others say the coconut oil feeds the fungus in SD and advise not to use it, however, there is at least one report that coconut oil is an antifungal, just like honey. [1] Then, of course, there are others who rave about raw coconut oil as a moisturizer and simply love it. Based upon a cursory investigation of this subject, more report the coconut oil with negative reports, so we are focusing more on the honey cleansing treatment rather than using the coconut oil as a moisturizer in this post. If you really need help for Dry skin (Xeroderma) that is another issue which can be pursued in another post. Honey is the subject of this post, focusing on the healing properties (enzymes?) to cleanse your skin with anecdotal reports that it does work for some to improve not only SD but also rosacea. Think honey and don’t go coconuts. If you do want to go coconuts, see this post, Coconut Oil for Rosacea.

How do I cleanse with raw honey?

1. Pour about a 1/4 teaspoon of raw honey in the palm of your hand.
2. With your other hand splash your face with non chlorinated water (if you live in the city, use bottled water for this step).
3. Rub hands together to spread the honey then massage onto skin for about 30 seconds.
4. Rinse (you may use tap water) and pat dry.

The above are Auburn's instructions. If you note, heating the honey may lose all its healing properties and we are focusing on raw honey only.

Positive Anecdotal Reports Using a Honey Mask

Gathering positive anecdotal reports takes a lot of time and investigation. If you want negative reports, you will need to gather them yourself.

judworth [post no 1] "I am having amazing results with the raw honey mask and the virgin coconut oil as a moisturiser."

damien [post no 33] "My skin hasn't been this clear in years. It feels like a new layer of fresh skin is making its way through." 

daminen [post no 41] "Sorry for not updating in awhile but my results have continued to be GREAT! I would recommend this treatment to anyone with SD. It works and it can make difference in your life if you do the full 4 weeks like your suppose to. And, the Coconut Oil is just as beneficial. I would say that my SD is about 85-90% better than it was before. NO BURNING, NO ITCHING, NO FLAKES."

damine [post 278] "I've been doing really with the honey treatment and going on three years now."

RedFaceKid [post no 44] "I'm happy to hear people getting great results. I started the treatment a couple of months ago and I would say my sed derm is about 75% better."

xcvq [post no 58] "The honey and coconut oil is also working for me. My redness has gone down a lot."

Auburn [post no 60] "As I was telling knightley79 the other day, when I discovered coconut oil, last year, I thought that, since it has the same properties as raw honey, it would work just as well but later I learned that it is the enzymes in the honey what really keeps the fungus at bay. The oil helps a great deal but it isn't nearly as effective on its own."

BPJS (Ben) [post no 326] "I stuck with the honey and coconut oil treatment to the letter...The 3-hour face masks were a God-send. The best results came from these....Interestingly enough - the first week I was using Manuka honey on my face and raw honey on my scalp. (There is a BIG difference in the active Manuka honey than there is in raw honey - I would strongly suggest you research this for yourself). The Manuka honey cleared up my face very fast. The raw honey did not clear up my scalp. After doing research, I started to understand that the active enzymes in the Manuka honey is what actually eats away at the bacteria - I had MUCH better results with this."

robertze [post no 327] "At this moment I'm trying the Honey mask and Coconut oil combination from Auburn's closed thread. I use it now for 4 weeks and I must say that it doesn't give me any spectacular results: the redness has been reduced a bit (let's say by 20%) and my skin feels less dry.
But what I do see as a big difference is that now after these 4 weeks of treatment I see spider veins on my nose which I never saw before."

Birdie [post no 364] "I started with manuka as well and eventually after Many months tried local raw honey. It works very very well and is much gentler on my skin Than manuka honey. I use the manuka honey as my mask honey on my scalp and eyebrows. Everyone's skin reacts differently. The manuka honey is a great exfoliator and powerful, I would caution people to treat it like a prescription not just an organic " safe" product."

SarahS [post no 370] "And I must say, while I was skeptical about it working, my skin has never felt better even after only one week."

gils4 [post 396] "Hi Mlydells, I have had good results with the honey masks and I recommend them. Like Tom mentioned, DON'T use the coconut oil. I was using coconut oil to moisturize my face and lips before I knew that my condition was seb derm and it made everything a lot worse. I actually think it was a major contributor to the level my seb derm reached"

pmg [post no 413] "I just finished the 4 week treatment. All I can say it's amazing.

JRon2112 [post no 1] "...I did the honey treatment a couple years ago and it elimanted everything no redness at all."

dan pacifik [post no 14] "Do give the honey a go though, it certainly has helped alleviate some of my symptoms."

solutionquest [post no 20] "I can't tell you how well this works for me. When I wake in the morning my skin is so calm and cool."

LadyBee [post no 409 SIGNATURE] "Probiotics every day and honey masks every other day."

Wildscenery [post no 450] "Been trying the honeymask+coconut oil for about 4 weeks now, i see some improvement and my skin is not as easily irritated anymore..."

byte [post no 468] "I've been maintaning to use auburn's honey + virgin coconut oil. about 90% effective and sometimes there are SD breakouts when I don't use coconut oil for the whole day shift."

daneel.olivaw [post no 495] "I'm currently doing a honey mask weekly (after doing it every other day for about 2 months) and ketoconazol daily (even twice a day) and even though I can't say my skin looks perfect, it's been a tremendous improvement compared to what it used to be."

Honey Treatments

Australian Manuka Honey

Kanuka Honey

Steens Raw Cold Pressed Manuka Honey

Steens ManukaHoney UMF 15

Steens ManukaHoney UMF 20

Three Peaks New Zealand ManukaHoney UMF 10+

Three Peaks ManukaHoney UMF 10+

Three Peaks Manuka Honey UMF 20+

End Notes

[1] Tom Busby, SD expert extraordinaire on RF says [post no 395], "Don't use coconut oil, as it feeds malassezia."

Medical News Today reports that coconut oil not only has antibacterial properties but also is an antifungal.
Is coconut oil a good remedy for yeast infection?

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