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Glandular Rosacea


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Glandular Rosacea is recognized as a rosacea variant. 

"In 2004 in an article appearing in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, Crawford et al. proposed the concept of glandular rosacea to describe another phenotype distinct from the four subtypes introduced by the expert committee. Glandular rosacea occurs predominantly in males who characteristically have oily skin, large pores, a tendency to rhinophyma, and inflammatory lesions, including papules, pustules and nodulocystic lesions, that extend onto the lateral cheeks and neck." [1]

Whether Glandular Rosacea should be classified as a phenotype, subtype or variant remains to be seen, but for now it is listed with the variants of rosacea to end the confusion (we also listed it previously as a proposed subtype). 

End Notes

[1] Literature review highlights renewed interest in rosacea research
Dermatology Times, Modern Medicine, Nov 1, 2006, Cheryl Guttman, page 2

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