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ETS is a major surgery that involves surgical removal or clamping of sympathetic nerves that supply the hands, neck and face. This surgery may decrease facial blushing and flushing. A similar surgery is endoscopic upper thoracic sympathectomy (EUTS).

You might want to read this article about Micro ETS at R2 by David H. Nielson, MD.

Please read this article about Corposcindosis before you rush off to get ETS. You should clearly understand not only the benefits of using ETS but also the risks and side effects. One of the posssible risks and side effects is anhidrosis. ETS may stop the blushing/flushing but also upper body sweating. ETS may create a situation where the top part of the body has lost vascular control and cannot sweat, while the bottom part retains vascular control and sweats more. One report on EUTS said "the sympathetic dysfunction of the heart was limited to the decrement of mean heart rate although EUTS partially destroys sympathetic fibers innervating the heart." [1]

ETS patients may report feeling too hot and too cold at the same time.

A newspaper article in the UK reported a very postive report using "an ultrasonic dissector which cuts through tissue by vibrating up to 50,000 times a second." However, another report from a newspaper shows what risk may be involved with ETS, death. [2] There used to be a great page on ETS at the rosaceagroup.org but now it is missing. 

Reports on ETS:

# 1 - mmw21

#2 - rosacea_patient

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#4 - fab0149 Question

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#9 - "Unfortunately i haven't got all the answers for you, but i can advise you to not even consider ETS. I have had it done and all it does is add more problems to your life, such as overheating and compensatory sweating." burner, post no 4, RF

#10 - "I have had ETS surgery for type 1 rosacea flushing and it is the worst decision that i ever made. In my opinion this surgery should be banned, as it has no effect whatsoever on flushing, but instead gives you more complications and problems to deal with such as compensatory sweating and increased core temperature. Please don't even consider it as it is not the answer." burner post 2 at RF

#11 - "I wish it was an option. But I had ETS 7 years ago and everything is back and even worse. My body cant regulate heat no more which triggers my rosacea symptoms (I think). I'm looking at getting reversal Do not do ETS" opare post no 3

Anhidrosis and EM

Some report having Anhidrosis and Erythromelalgia (EM) which is in a thread at RF

Links on ETS



ESFB Channel Forum

ETS Reversals Forum

Aurelia's comment on ETS

End Notes

[1] Changes of autonomic functions by endoscopic upper thoracic sympathectomy on idiopathic hyperhidrosis
Kondo M, Mezaki T, Higuchi K, Watanabe Y, Kuzuhara S.
Rinsho Shinkeigaku. 2000 Nov;40(11):1069-75.

[2] €5m payout to family after fatal operation, Ann O’Loughlin, Independent.ie National News, December 01, 2005


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