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Erysipelas produces a rash that is red, slightly swollen, very defined (well demarcated), warm, and tender to the touch. This individual has infection in the skin on both sides of the face, however, bilateral (both side) involvement is infrequent. [1] Erysipelas may produce symptoms that affect the entire body (systemic) such as fever and chill. Erysipelas is a rosacea mimic. Click here for more info. Click here for images of erysipelas.

End Notes

[1] Image of individual with erysipelas

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Healing Erysipelas

It’s well-known that since the beginning of time the most effective remedy for erysipelas has been faith healing by village women healers (we call them babka or elderly ladies). My personal experience fully proves the fact above as for fifty years of faith healing my own hands have cured dozens of erysipelas, and each case was a visual demonstration of quick and successful healing. I have always told my pupils that curing primary erysipelas is a healer skills assessment test.

I have mostly healed villagers who perfectly know what to do in case of first attacks of erysipelas. Due to some reasons there are more cases of erysipelas in the villages than in the cities, and villagers know well that they should immediately ask a village woman healer (or babka) for help. Since I have been the principal woman healer in the village for over dozens of years, they have usually addressed me and I have never disappointed them.

If timely treated, primary erysipelas is easily cured for one or two sessions of faith healing. The third session can be done as a confirming one. To mention, I have never seen any recurrence of erysipelas in patients who were treated with faith healing method.

The situation is completely different in case of recurrent erysipelas. The easy and quick victory over the disease is not to be expected in that case. Pain relief, reducing redness and swelling occur even after the first session of faith healing. However, the signs above are not the recovery itself. The disease is likely to recur unless faith healing together with preparing healing water is continued for quite a prolonged period of time. In contrast to wide application of antibiotics, faith healing has neither contraindications nor side-effects.

I have encountered four cases of erysipelas for this half a year. Two of them were primary ones, one of them was bullous and the other one was inveterate, recurring for over five years. There were no difficulties in healing the primary erysipelas while it took more than a month to cure the bullous one. I did faith healing once a week and later I did three sessions more, once a month each. Those sessions were a kind of preventive measure as the area which used to be affected with erysipelas was absolutely clean. As for the recurrent erysipelas, I had to spend more time on it, and even now it is still under my care. I occasionally do faith healing sessions and their results are quite good.

City inhabitants start realizing the real danger of the disease only when it becomes serious and recurrent. Failing to follow doctor’s orders and switching to experiments with, to put it mildly, a wide range of incorrect home remedies including but not limited to red cloth or pounded brick can significantly aggravate the disease. Only then does the patient realize that erysipelas is a very serious disease. Improperly treated, it can result into patient’s disability, especially in case if he or she suffers from thrombophlebitis, diabetes, and many others.

Erysipelas is extremely dangerous for newborns and infants. So, I would like pediatricians and children’s relatives to take this article seriously.

In case of any skin problems, first, you should address a very good doctor to diagnose erysipelas. You cannot make an accurate diagnosis by yourself as primary manifestations of erysipelas are very similar to those of other skin diseases while methods of their treatment are different. After erysipelas has been diagnosed, you must follow all doctor’s orders. If you have done everything that way but the result of treatment is not satisfactory enough, which can happen very often, it’s up to you to choose whether or not to experiment with different kinds of home remedies.

I wouldn’t criticize any methods of treating erysipelas. However, the most reliable one is to find a powerful woman healer or an intercessor who practices the method of Slavic village faith healing. The latter is, without doubt, the most effective in healing erysipelas. If you have not found a good village woman healer or an intercessor, I am ready to give you the contacts of my pupils working in Odessa, Kiev, Dnieper, Sumy, Poltava, Kherson, Simferopol and other cities who are highly likely to cope with this unpleasant disease. However, I would like to emphasize that healing erysipelas of any degree of complexity should be done only under the care of a highly experienced doctor. It is particularly the case when edema and lymphedema occur, and if erysipelas results from all kinds of disorders of blood vessels. Treating erysipelas requires both healer’s efforts and application of medicines and medical procedures.

In case you did not manage to find a healer or an intercessor within your reach or due to some circumstances including your poor health you cannot travel at long distances to address a healer, you can still get the help you need. You can master the faith healing method after reading a book My Job is a Healer. There you can find a detailed description of this great method which is a real historical heritage of our Slavic nation. Using this method, you will be able not only to win the disease by yourself or, what is better, with the assistance of your nearest and dearest person but also you will feel God’s help in all His Majesty.

I wish you good health and success in your fighting the disease!


By Alexander Novikov, the healer.


For more information, please visit: http://iscelenie-molitvoj.com/eng/mindexe.html

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact

Alexander Novikov

e-mail: healerprayer@gmail.com

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Hi Alexander, 

Welcome to the RRDi. Practitioners are welcome as is evident from our list of MAC members. If members are interested in your service, they now are aware of it. 

"Belief in such divine intervention is based on religious belief rather than empirical evidence that faith healing achieves an evidence-based outcome." Faith Healing, Wikipedia

Do you suffer from rosacea and have a diagnosis of rosacea from a physician?  See rules no 4 and 5


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