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Are Migraine Headaches Related To Rosacea?


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There are reports that may indicate migraine headaches may be associated with rosacea. For instance, one report says, "Studies have found possible associations between rosacea and the face mite Demodex folliculorum, Helicobacter pylori infection, and migraine headaches. [1] Another report says, "the association of rosacea with migraine headaches suggests an inherent vascular lability in individuals with rosacea." [2] The NRS reports that "women with rosacea may be more likely to experience migraine headaches than those without rosacea, according to findings reported in the medical journal Dermatology." This same report says "the authors speculated that changes in vascular reactivity caused by age-related modifications in sexual hormones might be the reason for this finding." [3]

"We observed a slightly increased risk for female migraineurs to develop rosacea, particularly in women with severe migraine aged 50 years or older." [4]

"One case-controlled study of 53,927 rosacea patients who were identified using a UK database between 1995 and 2009, showed that women (but not men) were significantly more likely to develop rosacea if they had previously experienced migraines." [5]

"So the research team analyzed 172 oral samples and nearly 2,000 fecal samples taken from the American Gut Project, and sequenced which bacteria species were found in participants who suffered migraines versus those who did not. And it turns out, the migraineurs have significantly more nitrate-reducing bacteria in their saliva than those who don’t suffer these headaches. And it turns out, the migraineurs have significantly more nitrate-reducing bacteria in their saliva than those who don’t suffer these headaches. Having too many nitrates in the body, which can aid cardiovascular health in best case scenarios, has been linked to migraines for unlucky folks. Now this new research suggests that’s because having too much oral nitrate-reducing bacteria, which converts nitrates into nitric oxide in the body, leads to the pounding headaches." [6]

The above quote is related to the article, Do You Have A Gut Feeling About Your Rosacea? 

"We found a significantly higher prevalence and risk of incident migraine especially in female patients with rosacea. These data add to the accumulating evidence for a link between rosacea and the central nervous system." [7]

"Our meta-analysis confirmed an association in occurrence of migraine and rosacea." [8]

"Male subjects with rosacea have increased risk for migraine: A population-based study." [9]


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