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Note: Some LED devices are available for your browsing in the RRDi affiliate store

Low level, light emitting diode therapy has been reported to help rosacea in some of the anecdotal reports in internet rosacea groups. Some rosaceans even build home made devices while others receive therapy from well established cosmetic and dermatological treatment centers. LED is just one of the many Photo Dynamic Therapies (PDT) for rosacea.

"LED photomodulation treatment may accelerate the resolution of erythema and reduce posttreatment discomfort in IPL-treated patients with photodamage." [1]

"Several lamps that generate visible light, many of them using light-emitting diodes (LEDs), have recently found their way to the dermatologic armamentarium. Claims of their value in the treatment of a variety of conditions ranging from cosmetic (antiwrinkle) to acne, rosacea, and skin cancer are made to market them....

...Blue light (407-420 nm) and red light (633- 660 nm) are promoted for the treatment of acne. They work by exciting high amounts of intracellular porphyrins naturally generated by Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes).....Blue light and blue-red combinations have demonstrated efficacy in mild to moderate inflammatory acne, having a physical modality comparable to treatment with topical clindamycin but inferior to benzoyl peroxide plus clindamycin....Red light (633 nm) may aid in effectively healing long-term torpid ulcers and may enhance angiogenesis in the rabbit ear chamber model...." [2]

There are many rosaceans who have reported building their own LED devices for rosacea. There are red, blue, and yellow LED devices and possibly other colors. You should consider Twickle Purple's post when going this route. [3]

"Coupled blue and red light-emitting diodes therapy "could represent an effective, safer, and well-tolerated approach for the treatment of such conditions." [4]

There are LED devices listed in our store

Instructions for building your own red light unit from IowaDavid

Anecdotal Reports
ladycappuccino [post no 3] - "If your only problem is flushing, then I would opt for a red light therapy. It knocked off my flushinh, made it practically non existent."

End Notes

[1] J Cosmet Dermatol. 2008 Mar;7(1):30-4.
Use of light-emitting diode photomodulation to reduce erythema and discomfort after intense pulsed light treatment of photodamage.
Khoury JG, Goldman MP.

[2] SKINmed. 2005; 4 (1): 38-41. ©2005 Le Jacq Communications, Inc.
Light Emitting Diode-Based Therapy
William Abramovits, MD; Peter Arrazola, BA; Aditya K. Gupta, MD, PhD, FRCP©

[3] Twickle Purple's Post on LED Research

[4] J Med Case Rep. 2020 Jan 28;14(1):22
Coupled blue and red light-emitting diodes therapy efficacy in patients with rosacea: two case reports.
Sorbellini E, De Padova MP, Rinaldi F

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