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Is Flushing Rosacea?


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Flushing is not rosacea. Flushing is one of the signs or symptoms of rosacea and is usually one of the distinguishing signs or symptoms in a differential diagnosis. Flushing is the distinguishing marker for Phenotype 1

To believe that flushing is rosacea is like believing that a red face is rosacea or that having pimples is rosacea. Redness and pimples are simply signs of rosacea just as flushing is one of the signs. For more information on flushing click here.

Flushing Explained

Trigger, Tripwire, Flareup, Flush (What's the difference?)

Papule, Pustule, Pimple, Comedo, Lesion, Cyst & Abscess Explained

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On 2/23/2011 at 4:09 AM, brook said:

Thanks for posting this question. I'm new to rosacea, and have been wondering about this. I've become obsessed with this disease, and am confused about what is normal and what is not. But this explains alot to me.

One of the misconceptions rosacea sufferers have is that flushing is rosacea, which it isn't, but instead is a sign or symptom of rosacea as explained in the initial post of this thread. Flushing is similar to blushing which aggravates rosacea and is usually the distinguishing marker in a differential diagnosis with acne or other rosacea mimics for a rosacea diagnosis. Not all rosaceans report flushing. And while flushing usually is bad for rosacea, just because you flush or blush may not turn into a rosacea flare up. You simply flush or blush and everything is ok. But generally flushing aggravates rosacea and it turns into a rosacea flare up which is accompanied by a burning sensation and lingers along with a red face.

So there are two types of trigger avoidance treatments. One is avoiding a rosacea flare up and the other is avoiding flushing. Many rosaceans confuse these two types of trigger avoidances. Diet triggers usually are the most talked about among the various online rosacea groups. Many are confused about diet triggers and confuse this with an elimination diet. While an elimination diet may be helpful in understanding diet triggers there is a difference.

Usually what is recommended is to keep a diary of your eating and drinking habits along with your rosacea flare ups and see if there is a pattern to what you are ingesting and your flare ups. Just remember, that there is not one rosacea trigger ever proposed that causes a rosacea flare up in every case. Not one. What triggers your rosacea is unique to you. While many report the same triggers, not all rosacea sufferers report the same triggers. You will discover in time what triggers your rosacea.

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