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My Type 2 Rosacea

Well anyhow, I suffer from type 2 rosacea. Type 2 is an older classification that is a little broad/non specific but an easy way nonetheless for newbies to get a handle on their specific condition type. The newer classification talks about rosacea phenotypes, so talking in those terms I have Papulopustular rosacea which exhibits bumps and spots. The technical classification says that you don't get spots from Papulopustular rosacea and its actually acne, but I know different. I have my own experience of stages of elevation that happen for me. The stages are something I have made up myself but help clarify my experience. What happens for me is if my condition in a particular stage is unmanaged, it progresses to the next stage

Stage 0

This is when I'm in remission. I get an occasional small spot every few days.


Stage 1

I have multiple spots with maybe 1 large one also - the large ones don't clear like the smaller ones and will leave a read blemish for months afterwards, even if treated immediately. However when treated immediately, I can get back to stage 0 quickly, albeit with a new red mark to admire for a few months from where the spot was. I also begin to get some red lumps on my eyelids where they meet.


Stage 2

This is when I get a full-blown cluster, multiple spots in 1 area, some lumps that take up to a week to come to a head or can be squeezed. I try squeeze when possible, otherwise I will have a lump for month+ before it goes away


Stage 3

This is when the inflammation kicks off around a spot cluster, sometimes it can occur at the same time as stage 2. This is when I know I'm in trouble, and can get l painful lumps and large spots that keep refilling. Multiple clusters also occur in different areas around my face which could be anywhere from nose, cheeks, forehead, chin and even behind the ears!


Stage 4

I get pains in my face and my eyes become grainy. Light hurts my eye (has only happened on one side, the side that my rosacea always kicks off from). I know this is the start of the dreaded ocular rosacea.


The strange thing about my rosacea, is it starts from a small 2x3cm patch on my left upper cheek. This patch is completely different to the Papulopustular issue and was my first experience. When in remission, its not noticeable. Often its the first bit to kick off, going red and scaly. When this happens, the spots are soon to follow. Sunlight doesn't aggravate my spots, but makes this bit itchy as hell and red & irritated. The patch is possibly more alighted to type 2 Rosacea, or in newer phenotype classification of Nontransient erythema. When my rosacea is unmanaged, this patch gets larger in area, red, scaly. As my stages get worse, I also get a similar patch on the other cheek in a symmetrical area. The time of my worst outbreak to date, one of these patches also began to form in/on the top of my right eye cavity.

So as you can read, for me, when left untreated, rosacea progresses to multiple forms. The good news however is I have figured out how to combat it and get into and stay in remission. Rosacea is really unique in everyones case, so its not as simple as take a certain tablet or use a certain cream and you are clear. You need to own your medical care because you will learn and become a master of your own condition - doctors can only help so much




.............. more to follow

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