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How I Achieve Remission

You need to know your enemy and how to combat it. This is a war you will never win, but you can stop the enemy from even kicking off, and ensure you win every battle quickly.


So what is it?

It’s a dance between mites, bacteria, our immune system, and sebum/skin/etc. it’s an interrelated problem that nobody has been able to figure out fully. There is also an influence on these 4 pillars by things like stress, diet, general environment, sun, genetic disposition (race, gender, even cultural habits). There are different types of rosacea that have different dominant pillars giving rise to the physical manifestations. Sooooo . . . some treatments work best for some people, and sometimes when being treated, the dominant pillar shifts, and the treatment loses effectiveness.

In summary, we need to own our treatment, and figure things out ourselves. It’s not a case of simply buying cream xxx and eh voila. It’s such a complex system, doctors won’t know all the tiny details specific to us. With Rosacea it’s a war not a battle, as the war will never be over. But if we arm ourselves, we can win every battle that rosacea chooses to start 🙂



work in progress . . . .

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