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What If I Don't Want To Lose Weight Or I Need Carbohydrate For Athletics?


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Rosacea 101: Includes the Rosacea Diet

Appendix X14 Athletes and Appendix X16 Weight Gain

by permission of the author


Athletes and those who exercise on a regular basis complain that they need carbohydrate for energy and eating high protein causes fatigue, headaches and other problems. If you want to try the Rosacea Diet here are a few suggestions:

If you are athletic and in good shape you probably eat a significant number of grams of carbohydrate for energy. You may experience fatigue and other problems if you switch to a high protein diet for thirty days. You have to weigh the balance of controlling your rosacea for thirty days with your athletic energy requirements.

One suggestion is pick a time period of thirty days that you are not required to use a lot of energy, which might require a sacrifice on your part. Another suggestion is ask how other Rosacea Diet users who are athletic have modified the Rosacea Diet for their lifestyle by joining the Rosacea Diet Users Support Group. (See Chapter 23, Support) Users have commented on this before and their comments are posted on the world wide web for you to read. There are some athletes in the group. The other suggestion is to just tough it out. You are an athlete or you wouldn’t have read this appendix. You can do it.

You may need more carbohydrate than the average rosacean so you might try reducing your carbohydrate to 100 grams a day if you are an avid athlete and need energy. If this doesn’t work then you will have to simply experiment and find the amount of carbohydrate you need for energy while balancing this with your need to see if reducing carbohydrate in your diet helps your rosacea. You will have to balance it out according to your lifestyle . You should notice some improvement in your rosacea if you increase protein and reduce carbohydrate.

Weight Gain

A few rosaceans who have tried this diet are already thin and do not want to lose any weight. Don’t you wish you were one of them without the rosacea? If you are, this subject has come up more than a few times in the Rosacea Diet Users Support Group [RDUSG] (See Chapter 23, Support) and is where you can ask first hand users of the Rosacea Diet how they gain weight or maintain their present weight. I have some suggestions. One, join the group and ask what others have done. Two, eat plenty of heavy cream with protein powder during the thirty days as much as you can tolerate. Three, AFTER the thirty days eat plenty of mixed nuts or whatever you want to gain back weight. You may be able to tolerate a significant amount of mixed nuts or whatever you want AFTER the thirty days once your rosacea is controlled. If your rosacea returns after eating mixed nuts (or whatever), you obviously ate too many (or too much). The thin members of the RDUSG are always looking for other ideas on increasing weight so you will have help. After the thirty days you can return to your regular diet and gain it all back along with your rosacea. Just kidding. You will figure out what foods to eat to gain back your weight and still control your rosacea.

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Any tips for reducing or preventing flushing or flare ups caused by exercise?

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