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Any tips for reducing or preventing flushing or flare ups caused by exercise?

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So it really depends on whether you are trying to prevent a flush or a flare up. "For many people, a bright red face during or after exercise is as normal of a reaction as sweating. Some people experience it more often than others, and fair-skinned individuals may be more susceptible. In some cases, rosacea may be the culprit, as exercise is one of the most common triggers for a rosacea flare-up." [1] Cosmopolitan has a article about this subject. 

Flushing Avoidance

Usually when exercising it is not unusual for anyone to get all heated up and flush since you are pumping your heart and this can cause blood to flow to the face and some do indeed experience a flush. (See Is Flushing Rosacea?) For rosaceans this can exacerbate a rosacea flareup (see subheading below). There really is a difference between a flush and a flare up. A rosacean can have a flush and not exacerbate a rosacea flare up and simply cool down and the skin goes back to normal. But for many, many rosaceans, this simply is not the case, the flush exacerbates a rosacea flareup which means usually a hot flushed, redness that continues for a long period, possibly hours, and is extremely painful and debilitating. These types of flushes are what constitutes flushing/blushing trigger avoidance treatment. The list of treatments on flushing avoidance is massive of how rosaceans who exercise may control an exercise trigger which is listed here: 

Forum Home >  Articles >  Rosacea Articles >  Triggers > Rosacea Trigger Factor List > Physiological > Exercise

Treatment for Flushing Avoidance Due to Exercise



Ice packs, gel packs. cold shower, air conditioning, Ice Roller (Recommended after flushing/flareup by rainbowshummingbird at Reddit in this post [scroll through comments]), Chillow

Eat protein before and after exercise, i.e,. Protein Drink 

Magnesium supplements. 


Prescription and Non Prescription Flushing Avoidance

Flare up Avoidance (What's the difference between a flush or a flare up?)

Basically treating a rosacea flare up due to exercise is whatever you are doing to control rosacea whether a treatment offered by a physician or alternative (non prescription over the counter) treatments. 

What If I Don't Want To Lose Weight Or I Need Carbohydrate For Athletics?

End Notes

[1] Exercise may trigger a rosacea flareup

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