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Does Vitamin B Complex Trigger Rosacea?


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Rosacea Triggered by a Vitamin B Complex Supplement.
Martín JM, Pellicer Z, Bella R, Jordá E.
Actas Dermosifiliogr. 2011 Feb 4.

I personally don't experience any trigger from taking Vitamin B complex which I take every day. Remember that rosacea triggers are simply anecdotal evidence and there has not been one proposed rosacea trigger that triggers a rosacea flare up or flush in every rosacean. Not one. Click here for more info. I have collected together a comprehensive list of proposed rosacea triggers and you simply have to figure out your own triggers because not everyone agrees what a rosacea trigger is. I also have a rosacea diet trigger list. Basically the lists, like the NRS trigger list, are gathered together from polls. There is no scientific data to back up any rosacea trigger. There was one paper on coffee as a rosacea trigger but it stated that it was the heat in the coffee that was a trigger not the caffeine. Read more.

As to Vitamin B, niacin has been proposed as the culprit for a rosacea trigger and it is generally accepted that it does cause flushing which is the main concern. Flushing triggers are separate from rosacea flare up triggers, but most rosaceans confuse them as the same thing. For more info on avoiding flushing click here.

To avoid flushing from niacin you can take instead flush free niacin (niacinamide). What I have found is that the tiny amount of niacin in a B Complex does not cause me any problem. But who knows? Maybe you are sensitive to niacin even in tiny amounts and it will cause you a flush.

More info on chemical irritants either oral or topical.

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