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VeinGogh Device


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There is a unique device used to treat telangiectasia, spider veins or varicose veins called VeinGogh which is "a microwave-based therapy" according to Wave3 News. [1] This is NOT a photo dynamic therapy but instead uses 'energy pulses' rather than light. It is recommended that physicians use this device on patients and should receive training. [2] It is not a 'do it yourself' device. You can watch this video that explains more: 

It is not for the novice to use, since it costs over $14K US dollars. [3] There are other brands, i.e., Veinwave, etc. 

Not everyone is happy with the results. [4] 

Please post your results in this thread if you have experience with this device. Find the reply button. 

End Notes 

[1] A pen that erases spider veins
December 30, 2010 at 11:58 PM EST - Updated June 23 at 5:28 A, Wave3 News

[2] Physician Information, VeinGogh

[3] VeinGogh XL Vein Treatment System
veingogh.com Sites > US Site > Products > VeinGogh Supplies > VeinGogh XL Vein Treatment System

[4] "Anyway...4 weeks ago I had veingogh done on my nose for stubborn broken caps....worst mistake of my life." CONTACTMC

"I had the VeinGogh procedure done 2 months ago and it left me with red scars and a new vein. They look worse than when I started and I don't know how to get rid of them." Moonbeam [post no 4]

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