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Similar to the VeinGogh device is another brand, Veinwave™, which uses "thermocoagulation to safely and effectively treat spider veins (telangiectasia) on the face and body. The procedure was developed by vascular surgeons to treat small spider veins that cannot be treated with sclerotherapy injections." [1] This is NOT photo dynamic therapy. You can watch a video how its done in the end note. [1]

"The Veinwave™ has been widely used outside the USA for rosacea, but has not yet been cleared by the FDA for this. The European physicians find the Veinwave™ is very successful at removing the symptoms of rosacea (removing the vascular areas), but not actually curing the disease. The number of treatment sessions depends on severity of the disease state." [1]

According to UAB Medicine, "The Veinwave™ system is a revolutionary, FDA-approved technique used by vein specialists around the world to eliminate spider veins on the legs through thermocoagulation (heat). The process involves using an ultra-fine insulated needle on the surface of the spider vein to deliver just enough heat to cause the vessel walls to collapse, but because of the insulation, the extra heat is not transmitted into the skin (similar to sucking the air out of a drinking straw and then gluing the inside walls together). Unlike lasers and other light-based therapies that use photocoagulation ("light") with variable penetration through the skin, Veinwave™ treatment usually is more precise and complete." [2]

Most sources insist that Veinwave has been FDA cleared for treating facial spider veins and telangiectasia. For example, "This FDA-cleared device is relatively new in the USA, but has been used in Europe for over nine years. It is the treatment of choice for spider veins that are too small to treat with injection sclerotherapy and it is particularly effective for the treatment of facial telangiectasias." [3]

In the past, "Radiofrequency thermocoagulation is a thermal pain treatment procedure." [4] "Thermocoagulation is a treatment that uses high-frequency current.  It’s effects is based on heat.  Heat is used to coagulate blood capillaries or skin anomalies.  The current is restricted to the target area. Thus making sure that the tissue damage caused by the thermocoagulation is limited. Its non-invasive process makes it a popular alternative to other options." [5]

There may be other brands of thermocoagulation devices available, i.e., ThermaVein. We are concentrating on the Veinwave device in this post and while many anecdotal reports are out there on physician websites who are using this device are positive, there are some who are not as happy with the results, so we are reporting some of these negative ones here. 

Negative Anecdotal Reports 

Thread no 1

Thread no 2

Thread no 3.

Thread no 4.

Thread no 5.  

If you have used Veinwave, please find the reply button and share your results. 

End Notes

[1] Veinwave Treatment for Spider Veins, Vein Directory

[2] Veinwave, UAB Medicine

[3] What is Veinwave?, Tennessee Vein Center

[4] Radiofrequency thermocoagulation, Wikipedia

[5] How does thermocoagulation work?, Timeless Electrolysis 

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