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Which Alcohol is Your Rosacea Trigger?


Which alcohol do you think is your rosacea trigger?  

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  1. 1. Which alcohol do you think is your rosacea trigger?

    • Red Wine
    • White Wine
    • Beer
    • Hard Seltzer
    • Whiskey, Bourbon or Scotch
    • Rum
    • Vodka
    • Tequila
    • Brandy
    • Hard Cider

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  • Root Admin

While most rosacea sufferers report beer and wine are rosacea triggers, some report that drinking distilled spirits seem to less of a rosacea trigger.

Then there are those who are more worried with flushing from alcohol than having a rosacea trigger since they don't differentiate between flushing and rosacea.

You may find that you can tolerate some alcohol but, of course, you need to figure this out yourself, because there are no rules, just the fact that many actually report alcohol consumption produces a rosacea trigger or flush.

Might want to read this thread on the subject.

The above thread started out with this post:

"A new NRS survey of 353 rosacea sufferers reveals the Top Alcohol Triggers. This is how triggers are put on a list. If you think it is easy to get 353 rosaceans to respond to a survey, try it sometime.

So do you think we could get more than 353 rosaceans to report in this thread what their Top Alcohol Triggers are? We can count how many different ones reply to this thread and see. To make this count easy and a running total, I am number one. Please post what number you are in this thread and see if we can top 353. That would be an incredible feat. A poll would even be better but I leave that one to the moderators.

Mine is definitely beer and wine and I usually avoid either. Once in a while I will have a glass of wine or a beer with food, like this week I was at Maui Tacos and had a Heineken. I didn't flare up. I can tolerate scotch or whiskey one drink a week. Rarely can I tolerate more than that and not have a rosacea flare up. When I am on a vacation and totally relaxed I can tolerate a few drinks during a week."

If you are a RRDi member you can post in this thread what you think is the your rosacea (or flushing) trigger. We might be able to top the 353 who reported to the NRS. But if you think it is easy to get 354 RRDi members to post in this thread or anywhere you should try doing it. Hats off and a big salute to the NRS who is able to get anyone to respond to their surveys. I have never understood why rosacea sufferers prefer the NRS who spends most of its donations on private contractors, so it is obvious that no one cares how the NRS spends its millions of dollars. If you should care how the NRS spends its donations, read this post.

And I would appreciate it if you would post in this thread what alcohol you think is the culprit for you. 

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