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Teeth and Gum Issues Trigger Erythema Rosacea


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There is some evidence that teeth and gum issues may be triggering your erythema rosacea issues and may be a systemic cormobidity in rosacea. 

"Rashes on face can sometimes be very challenging to physicians and dermatologists and those associated with oral manifestations pose a challenge to dentists. Butterfly rash is a red flat facial rash involving the malar region bilaterally and the bridge of the nose. The presence of a butterfly rash is generally a sign of lupus erythematosus (LE), but it can also include a plethora of conditions. The case presented here is of a female with butterfly rash along with typical bright red discoloration of gingiva. The clinical, histopathological and biochemical investigations suggested the presence of rosacea." [1]

"Rosacea is a chronic disorder affecting the facial convexities, characterized by frequent flushing, persistent erythema, and telangiectases. During episodes of inflammation, additional features are swelling, papules, and pustules. The exact etiology of this dermatitis is unknown, and theories abound. Infectious foci, especially dental foci, seem to be rarely associated with the onset and progression of this disease. Dermatologic treatments are determined by the severity of the disease. But eradication of infectious foci, and in this case eradication of dental foci, may generate a significant improvement and may lead to a recovery.? [2]

"The aim of this report is to examine the possible relationship between periapical lesions as dental foci and rosacea. A 50-year-old woman reported redness in her face, for which she had been treated by a gastroenterologist for Helicobacter pylori and a dermatologist for rosacea. After clinical, radiographic, and laboratory examinations, suspicions of dental foci were raised. The residual roots of teeth 4, 5, 12, 15, and 18 were extracted, and teeth 16, 29, and 31 underwent endodontic treatment. One year after dental treatment, all signs of redness in the patient's face had healed, she stopped all treatments, and her laboratory values were normal." [3]

Anecdotal Reports 

srez29 [post no 1] posts, "My rosacea / redness issue ended in 2018 when my 4th and last infected tooth was pulled."

Rosacea Trigger Factor List

End Notes

*Image courtesy of Contemporary Clinical Dentistry

[1] Contemp Clin Dent. 2012 Jul-Sep; 3(3): 356–358.
Butterfly rash with periodontitis: A diagnostic dilemma
Manvi Aggarwal, Mudit Mittal, Swati Dwivedi, Pallavi Vashisth, Deepesh Jaiswal

[2] Oral Med Oral Pathol Oral Radiol Endod. 1999 Dec;88(6):679-82.
An unusual case of a relationship between rosacea and dental foci
P Lesclous, L Maman

[3] Gen Dent. Nov-Dec 2019;67(6):52-54.
Association of dental foci of infection and rosacea: a case report
Mirlinda Sopi, Kastriot Meqa

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