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Can you see a difference?


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If you have rosacea and you discovered this post, without a doubt because you have been searching, you now have discovered that there are few non profit organizations for rosacea (read the page listing who these non profits are). You might want to read the post, http://irosacea.org/members/topic/1360-comparing-non-profit-organizations-with-their-mission. You may also want to know Why Form Another Non Profit Organization for Rosacea.

This is the only non profit organization founded by rosacea sufferers, period. This has been done totally by volunteers.

The result speaks for itself. Browse the site:

Member Forum


We also have provided tools for your internet use, Chat, Gallery, Blogs and Google Apps for RRDi Members.

The crown jewel is the RRDi MAC:


Now the question is whether you will do anything to help?

Your donation can help pay for all this.

You can offer to volunteer.

What we need the most is members to post in Member Forum.

And if you have some suggestions on how we can do more, posting your suggestion may encourage others to do the same.

Can you see a difference between the RRDi and the other non profit organizations for rosacea?

Update since this post was made:

Please read this post about moving our Members Forum.

We have removed the Guest Forum since it did not prove popular. 

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