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"joannew" said:
Just a technical question:

Why are individuals considered corporate members?  

I'm no corporation...

When setting up the non profit corporation in Hawaii, there is a choice to either allow corporation members or not, and I elected to allow corporate members so that individual rosaceans may help direct the RRDi. Corporate members of the RRDi elect the board of directors which is the only legally established 501 c  (3) non profit organization for rosacea research that allows this. Other non profit organizations are closed board of directors that do not allow anyone to have any choice who the board of directors are who decide how the money is spent for the organization.

In order to be a legal corporate member of the RRDi you are required to identify yourself with your name and mailing address so that the RRDi can contact you. Your name and address is held in confidence by the RRDi and will never be disclosed to anyone without your permission. So tecnically, you are a member of the RRDi which is a non profit corporation established in the State of Hawaii.

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