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Phenotype Classification Uses Signs and Symptoms Better


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The phenotype classification uses signs and symptoms better than the subtype classification and particularly focuses on erythema as a pivotal diagnostic feature. 

Dr. Jerry Tan, ROSCO Panel and NRS Expert Committee

“Practically, in our current phenotypic-led classification, it’s not important to be grouping into subtypes. It’s more important to be categorizing based on patients’ presentation in terms of signs and symptoms,” he says. “So, if they simply presented with centrofacial erythema that would be diagnostic of rosacea, but we wouldn’t go onto subtype. We would just leave them as is, as that predominant phenotype. Then, we would manage them based on that, with various treatment options that are indicated for background centrofacial erythema.”

Dr. Jerry Tan, Updated guidelines for diagnosis, treatment of rosacea
Focus on phenotype-led diagnosis, classification
By Lisette Hilton, Dermatology Times


Dr. James Q Del Rosso, AARS Panel and the ROSCO Panel (2019)


Dr. Del Rosso concurs that 'persistent facial erythema' (PFE) "is the pivotal diagnostic feature of cutaneous rosacea, including in both the presence or absence of papulopustular lesions...that dermatologists...Consider the role of PFE in essentially all patients with cutaneous rosacea." 

Journal of drugs in dermatology: JDD
June 2019 | Volume 18 | Issue 6 | Editorials | 503 | Copyright © June 2019
What Is “PFE”? It May Just Be Time You Found Out….
Del Rosso Q. James DO
JDR Dermatology Research/Thomas Dermatology Las Vegas, NV

More Information on Phenotypes

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