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ROSCO Panel and the Phenotype Classification of Rosacea


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Global ROSacea COnsensus (ROSCO) 2016

The ROSCO Panel who created the new phenotype classification published their recommendations in 2016 are from all over the world (by last name, first name initial, country): 

Almeida LM, Brazil
Bewley A, United Kingdom
Cribier B, France
Dlova NC, South Africa
Gallo R, USA
Kautz G, Germany
Mannis M, USA
Oon HH, Singapore
Rajagopalan M, India
Schaller M. Germany
Steinhoff M, Ireland
Tan J, Canada
Thiboutot D, USA
van Zuuren EJ, Netherlands

Troielli P, Argentina.
Webster G, USA
Wu Y, China

2016 ROSCO Panel Members Total 17

Phenotype Classification - How does it work? Answer.

Why is the Phenotype Classification superior to the subtype classification? Answer. 

What is the difference between the phenotype classification and the subtype classification? Answer.

Phenotype Classification Uses Signs and Symptoms Better, by Dr. Jerry Tan

Shortcomings in rosacea diagnosis and classification, Tan, J., et al

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Global ROSacea COnsensus (ROSCO) 2019

In 2019 the ROSCO panel collaborated again with a paper published in the British Journal of Dermatology and concluded: 

"The current survey updates previous recommendations as a basis for local guideline development and provides clinical tools to facilitate a phenotype approach in practice and improve rosacea patient management."

The original panel lost one member, Y Wu from China, and has gained five new members, J. Del Rosso, R.D. Granstein, G. Micali, E. Tanghetti and M. Zierhut. Here is the list of 2019 ROSCO Panel: 

L.M.C. Almeida, Brazil
A. Bewley, United Kingdom
B. Cribier, France
J. Del Rosso, USA
N.C. Dlova, South Africa
R.L. Gallo, USA
R.D. Granstein, USA
G.Kautz, Germany
M.J. Mannis, USA
G. Micali, Italy
H.H. Oon, Singapore
M. Rajagopalan, India
M Schaller, Germany
M. Steinhoff, Ireland
J. Tan, Canada
E. Tanghetti, USA
D.Thiboutot, USA
P. Troielli, Argentina, 
E.J. van Zuuren, Netherlands
G. Webster, USA
M. Zierhut, Germany

2019 Total ROSCO Panel Members 21

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