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Nose Flushing Treatments


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Violetsareblue started a thread at RF about this special type flushing and Lizzy added her thoughts, while elegantsquatlobster said she also suffers from this phenomenon so I started this thread to list the different treatment protocols offered and will continue to update this list here. If you have something to offer please reply to this thread with your thoughts. 

BraceYourself started another thread about nose pain which you may also be interested in investigating. 

Treatments Offered

Anafranil (see post #10 elegantsquatlobster)
Beta blocker for two months and it made cheeks calm but nose gradually worse
Capsaicin (see post #4 elegantsquatlobster)
Clonidine (lower the dose - high dose causes nose flushing)
Cold Gel packs
Erythromycin gel 
Ice Chips (eating)
Low Dose Naltrexone
Metronidazole gel 
Treatments for Phymatous (Rhinophyma) - Phenotype 5


Rosacea and Chronic Rhinosinusitis: A Case-Controlled Study


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