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Demodex Solutions RRDi Treatment Trial

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Demodex Solutions, one of our sponsors, is experimenting with a new improved ZZ like cream that hopefully will help with dry skin and is seeking six (6) willing volunteers who will provide before and after photos for this trial and details of your experience. You will receive free trial samples shipped to your address at no charge to you for shipping or the samples. However, you must provide before and after photos to be selected for this trial. 

If you are interested, you must follow these steps: 

(1) Join the RRDi and be sure to confirm by clicking on the validation email sent to you so you are a registered member. 

(2) After logging to your RRDi account, use the contact form and request an application which will be sent to you after you join the RRDi in step one.  In the contact form request to be part of the Demodex Solutions trial that you want the samples mailed to you. Remember, only six will be chosen so please follow the directions we send you. If you have dry skin that would be a plus for your being selected. Demodex Solutions will choose from among the applicants the final six trial members. You may live anywhere in the world since the samples will be mailed to your address at no cost to you. 

 The ingredients of the dry skin version will be different (something for dry skin) but will be similar to the ZZ cream which is listed as follows: 
ZOSSO Incredients
Zinc oxide 7.1%
Sulfur Sublimate 7.1%
Mint (Herba menthae) 2% 
Boric acid 2%
Salicylic Acid 0.5%
Dimethiconum Composite
Java Brucea
And 2 more herbs which are a secret...
There are no steroids, no hormones, no pesticides, no antibiotics, etc.

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