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NRS Awards New Grants for Medical Research


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PRWeb announced, "The National Rosacea Society (NRS) announced it has awarded funding for three new studies, in addition to continuing support for three ongoing studies, as part of its research grants program to increase knowledge and understanding of the causes and other key aspects of rosacea that may lead to improvements in its management, prevention or potential cure." On the NRS web site it states, "Since its founding, the research grants program has awarded more than $1.5 million to researchers for a wide range of rosacea-related studies, and the program is funded by donations from many thousands of individuals who wish to improve the lives of those affected by rosacea."

The PRWeb announcement says that in 2017 $75,000 was awarded as grants. The NRS announced that in 2016 $65,000 was awarded in grants. In 2015 the NRS Form 990 reported that $75,010 was awarded in grants. These figures are the highest amount of donated money spent on rosacea research grants by any non profit organization. Since we have been following the NRS we have noted that the NRS has spent a total of $1,337,939 on rosacea research grants from 1998 thru 2015. During this same period from 1998 through 2015 the total public support donations amounted to 22% of the total donations, and the NRS insists on its web site that "The NRS research grants program, which is entirely funded by rosacea patients, has played a leadership role in making this important progress possible."

It is to be noted that during the period of 1998 through 2015 the NRS received in total donations $13,149,975. If you do the math, this means that 10.17% of the total money donated to the NRS was spent on rosacea research grants. To put this in a way you can understand, for every dollar donated to the NRS about ten cents is spent on rosacea research grants

So what does the NRS do with the other 90% of it donations which amounted to over $13 million dollars?  60% is spent on two private contractors owned by Sam Huff, the President of the NRS, who sits on the board of directors.  We have a Google Sheet showing all the donations and expenses for your review. The other 30% is spent on various expenses listed on the Form 990 which is required by law to show the public since the NRS is a non profit organization. To help you understand clearly what the NRS is doing with 60% of its donations, for every dollar donated to the NRS 60 cents is spent on two private contractors that are corporations owned by Sam Huff, President of the NRS. 

This is, of course, legal, many non profits do this, and most rosacea sufferers who donate to the NRS could care less if the NRS spends over half its donations on two private corporations owned by the president of the NRS.  However, the RRDi was chiefly formed because we thought a non profit organization could do much better in spending its donations. For more information on why the RRDi was formed read this article

To see seven screenshots of the NRS 2015 Form 990 which is just one example of over eighteen that clearly shows how the NRS spends its donations read this post

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