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Personal Rosacea Treatment Questions


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The RRDi has now allowed corporate members to post personal rosacea treatment questions in the ASK THE MAC forum. We have a Forum Disclaimer which you should read that protects the health care professionals and the RRDi which you agree to when you post. Any violations of the terms and conditions of using this forum will not be tolerated and banishment as a corporate member will be expedient. Please do not violate the rules of this forum. We have a very strong Forum Disclaimer which protects liability issues with the health care professionals in the MAC and the RRDi. The rules in the disclaimer are very specific about medical advice given on this forum. You should ask your physician about your rosacea question. The answers given in this forum are general due to this liability issue. The MAC members who volunteer to answer questions here are very much aware of the liability in answering your question and will be extremely careful to not tread in areas that could question this liability.

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The biggest problem I have with Rosacea (by far) is the bumps I sometimes have on my nose. The bumps often have white pustules, and are very embarrasing. Should the bumps be "popped?" I always do pop them. Too embarassing to walk around with white bumps on my nose! :angry: Also, should I use a topical cream after I pop the bumps? (Note...I'm taking doxycycline for my rosacea, but the bumps still appear sometimes. Not often, but sometimes.)

Thank you!


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