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Which Alcohol Best for Rosacea?


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"As celebrity aesthetician Angela Caglia tells us, alcohol dehydrates your skin and robs it of its vital nutrients, so excessive alcohol consumption (think: drinking like you're still in college), can contribute to skin's premature aging in the long term, and bloating, puffiness, enlarged pores, dullness, and rosacea the day after....Caglia recommends living (or drinking) by the general rule of thumb that the clearer the alcohol, the better it'll be for your skin. Red wine, dark whiskey, a piña colada — these are the things a killer hangover and a puffy face are made of. Straight-up, no frills shots? Surprisingly not so bad."

Here's how different types of alcohol affect your skin — and the only one you should order,  
Megan Decker, Refinery29, Insider Health

Someone at Reddit says "I take MSM pills before I go out drinking socially and it definitely helps keep my flushing down." (you will have to google this statement and see if it comes up at Reddit)

More information on alcohol and rosacea

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