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What about alcohol and rosacea?


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Etcetera [A]

W.C. Fields is the rosacea poster boy with his huge bulbous nose having been linked with excessive drinking, however, we now know Fields suffered from rosacea, Phenotype 5. Fields is quoted as saying, "I never drink water; that is the stuff that rusts pipes." Excessive alcohol consumption causing rosacea has now been debunked. - 12 rosacea myths debunked by a skincare expert, Carla Challis, BT

Amelia Fais Harnas, an artist who suffers from rosacea, ironically uses wine as the medium for her art. 

While excessive alcohol consumption is not the cause of rosacea, alcohol is always mentioned as a factor in rosacea. Asking about rosacea and alcohol is a FAQ that may motivate clinical papers, as well as articles in the media on this subject. For example, "Importantly, this study adds to the growing body of evidence in implicating alcohol consumption as a factor in the development of rosacea." [1]  The majority of articles on this subject conclude that red wine is the worst alcohol for rosacea. [2] Another report says, "Although this isn't the first time alcohol has been linked to bringing on rosacea, it was previously thought that red wine was the culprit," and points to white wine instead. [2] Zoe Weiner reports that using red wine as a face mask "totally dried out my skin, but it still looked (and felt) pretty freaking amazing." Zoe doesn't recommend using red wine as a face mask. [2] Anna Blomefield in a Vogue article ponders whether drinking wine is a friend or a foe for rosacea. [2] Wine Spectator has an article on why red wine may be the single most reported rosacea trigger out of all alcohols. [2] Alcohol is just about on every rosacea trigger list and is sometimes listed first. [2]

Etcetera [B]

This article on the subject  should be interesting (if you have the full text, please reply to this post and give the link). [3]

Physicians may advise, limiting alcohol consumption over short periods of time." [4] One study concluded, "Alcohol intake was significantly associated with an increased risk of rosacea in women." [5] In another study, researchers quizzed nearly 83,000 people on their alcohol intake every four years. They discovered that the more total alcohol they drank, the more likely they were to develop rosacea over the 14-year follow up. [6]

One report out of China concluded, "The incidence of rosacea has nothing to do with alcohol consumption." [7]

"Finally, 14 eligible studies were identified, and alcohol consumption was not found to be a risk factor for rosacea. However, in subgroup analysis, alcohol consumption increased the risk of phymatous rosacea (PhR) and the pooled OR was 4.17 (95% CI = 1.76-9.91)."

Usually this leads to the following FAQs: 

Which Alcohol is Your Rosacea Trigger?
Which Alcohol Best for Rosacea?

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End Notes 

[1] Does Alcohol Intake Lead to an Increased Rate of Rosacea?

[2] 5 Boring But Real Effects Alcohol Has On Your Skin
White wine may increase risk for rosacea in women, study says
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Are Mystery Triggers Causing Your Rosacea Flare-ups?
Why does red wine make my rosacea flare up?, Wine Spectator

[3] Rosacea and alcohol intake.

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[8] Alcohol consumption and the risk of rosacea: A systematic review and meta-analysis


Amelia Fais Harnas, Art,Wine , & Rosacea

White wine may increase risk for rosacea in women, study says

Is Wine Your Skin's Deadliest Foe, Or Its Secret Weapon?

[A] image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

[B]image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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