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3% Hydrogen Peroxide

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I had a mole on my forehead that I was told that 3% Hydrogen Peroxided might remove, so I dabbed a little on the mole and after some weeks it did indeed at least lighten the mole some. However, I noticed that the rosacea or seb derm on my forehead that was near the mole also cleared up. So I experimented and began putting 3% Hydrogen Peroxide on my red spots on my forehead and after some days they began to fade away too!  Since then I have been putting 3% Hydrogen Peroxide on all my facial rosacea red spots and letting it dry, then adding the ZZ cream, just before bed and this regimen seems to really work for me. It does sting so it is doing something to my skin. I did this for about a month and now have stopped since it is a bit harsh on my skin. So maybe you should be careful trying this. 

I also have taking the Lutein/Zeazanthin 40 mg capsule each day. I also avoid sugar as much as possible and eat very low carbohydrate.  I have photos  and explain in detail my treatment in this thread. I haven't used 3% Hydrogen Peroxide anymore because it doesn't really work long term. Maybe short term works for a while, but long term now way. So I have dropped the 3% Hydrogen Peroxide. 

You may want to DILUTE the 3% Hydrogen Peroxide further in case you are sensitive to it. One report below shows you how: 

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