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Jo Hoare has rosacea


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The writer, Jo Hoare, states clearly, "I was diagnosed in 2016" with rosacea in an article in The SunSEEING RED Writer dares to bare the truth about living with rosacea and how to manage its symptoms. Jo Hoare is a journalist based in London, UK. Linkedin • Jo Hoare has made the RRDi official list of famous rosaceans

That is what you do, get a diagnosis from a physician, preferably a dermatologist like Jo Hoare did. She complains of flushing so she may have Phenotype 1 and Phenotype 2 (you can have more than one phenotype of rosacea, there are actually six phenotypes). While Tom Busby makes a point that "Rosacea is so badly defined" it is important that anyone that presents with a red face should get a correct diagnosis since there are also at least thirteen variants of rosacea and a huge number of rosacea mimics, so a differential diagnosis is prudent. Just because one presents with a red face doesn't necessarily mean one has rosacea. I refer to Dr. Draelos statement about all this which is pertinent to this post, "Rosacea is probably a collection of many different diseases that are lumped together inappropriately." So while there is some confusion about presenting one self to a physician with a red face, there is a lot of information dermatologists have to find a correct diagnosis by taking a patient history, examination, and possibly some tests to rule out certain skin conditions that present with a red face. What everyone wants is to find the best dermatologist who does just that (finds the correct diagnosis), because misdiagnosis is not uncommon. Sometimes, the path to a correct diagnosis can get complicated.

Famous Rosaceans

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