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Variant vs Subtype vs Phenotype


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According to MedPlus Online Medical dictionary (Merriam-Webster) a variant is "manifesting variety or deviation : exhibiting variation."

13 Variants of Rosacea

The RRDi recognizes these thirteen variants of rosacea: 

Demodectic Rosacea 

Gastrointestinal Rosacea [GR], aka, Gut Rosacea

Glandular Rosacea 

Granulomatous Rosacea

Halogen rosacea 

Idiopathic facial aseptic granuloma (IFAG) 

Neurogenic Rosacea 

Pyoderma Faciale 

Rosacea Conglobata 

Rosacea Fulminans 

Rosacea Lymphedema (Morbihan Disease)

Rosacea Perioral Dermatitis [RPD]

Steroid Rosacea [Facial corticosteroid addictive dermatitis] (FCAD)



MedPlus Online Dictionary

"In a nosological sense, the term phenotype can be used in clinical medicine for speaking about the presentation of a disease." Wikipedia

6 Rosacea Phenotypes


The classifying of rosacea into subtypes has moved to the superior phenotype classification, therefore, phenotypes and variants of rosacea are the current valid classification system, superior to the subtype classification.

The classification of rosacea into subtypes and variants has been from the start controversial, when the NRS first began classifying rosacea into four subtypes and one variant in 2002. The only rosacea variant recognized by the NRS in 2002 was Granulomatous Rosacea, and, apparently is still the only recognized variant to this day. The RRDi has a much longer list of rosacea variants recognized. 

A subtype according to the same source is "a type that is subordinate to or included in another type."

So apparently a subtype is further to the type while a variant is even further from the type than a subtype?

Please read this notice about Subtypes

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