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Notice about Subtypes

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Subtypes have been replaced with the phenotype classification of rosacea. Here is the history:

The ROSCOE panel in October 2016 was the first to recognized, recommend and endorse the phenotype classification of rosacea. The RRDi endorsed the new Phenotype classification of rosacea in November 2016Galderma acknowledged the phenotype classification about a year later. In November 2017 the NRS has now moved forward with classifying rosacea into phenotypes with its own published paper following the lead set by the ROSCOE Panel. [1] 

Medscape has recognized the phenotype classification of rosacea [scroll through this thread to the fifth post].

The RRDi recognized Neurogenic Rosacea as a subtype of rosacea since 2011, but now recognizes Neurogenic Rosacea as a rosacea variant, among thirteen other rosacea variants. There is no consensus with the non profit organizations for rosacea on what constitutes a rosacea variant. Hopefully, someday there may be consensus. 

We are keeping the subtype classification CATEGORY [Subtypes] in this forum because it has been the standard since 2002 for historical reasons. However, the RRDi has endorsed a new direction in diagnosing rosacea since the phenotype classification is superior and the subtype classification has been controversial since its inception

Rosacea Variants are another valid classification system and the RRDi has thirteen rosacea variants listed. The subtype classification of rosacea is now history. We are keeping any phenotype updates posted here

End Notes

[1] Standard classification and pathophysiology of rosacea: The 2017 update by the National Rosacea Society Expert Committee

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