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Mepacrine (Quinacrine)


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Mepacrine is one of the Anti-parasitic Prescription Agents.

There are some papers indicating using mepacrine (Quinacrine) for the treatment of rosacea. One paper published in The Lancet, May 1952 written by Borrie Peter and another paper published in 1955.  [1]

Another paper mentions using mepacrine and chloroquine in combination to treat rosacea. [2] 

Anecdotal Reports
Here are some anecdotal reports using Mepacrine:

lucy_nic87 reports, "i have now been on mepacrine for about 5 weeks and this last week particularly my flushing has been much reduced. my redness is still there, if anything perhaps a bit worse, but i have not had any of that hot feeling, burning, flushing i was having. my skin in general feels calmer. i am however turning rather yellow which can be a side effect for some. if it doesnt get too much worse i can handle it, but it if increases im not sure." 

lamarr in October 2008 started a thread about Mepacrine. 

Halfpipe101 in May 2009 started a thread that his flushing is almost cured using Mepacrine. 

kev711216 in May 2011 started a thread on success using Mepacrine. 

 Ray at RF [post no 14 on 5/22/2011] wrote, "I've been on quinacrine now for 3 months and I'm happy to report I havent flushed once in almost a month.

Scarlet Letters has an interesting article discussing using mepacrine and plaquenil in treating rosacea.

End Notes

[1] The Lancet
Volume 259, Issue 6718, 31 May 1952, Page 1113, Letters to the Editor
Borrie Peter
Science Direct

Acta Derm Venereol. 1955;35(6):446-52.
Mepacrine in rosacea.

[2] Br J Dermatol. 1955 Dec;67(12):421-5.
Mepacrine and chloroquine in the treatment of rosacea.

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