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Light Emitting Diode Therapy (or LLLT)& Possible Funding


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I have been doing some experimentation with LED therapy and would like to recommend some research be done on human trials, specifically in relation to the reduction of flushing, redness and inflammation associated with Rosacea.


Below are a collection on publications that provide some evidence of the benefits of LED therapy:

1) Reduction of PGE(2) Levels (Using 830nm)


2) Reduction of VEGF, Increased cell production rate by 150-200% (Using 680,730,880nm@4J/cm2)


3) Reduction of TNFalpha levels which contribute to inflammation


4) Increase in anti-oxidant levels (Using 810nm)


5) Increase in Superoxide Dismutase levels


6) Reduction of acute inflammation (Using 660nm & Suggesting 7.5J/cm2)


7) Inhibiting of the sensitization increase of nociceptors on the inflammatory process (Using Red - 632.8nm@2.5J/cm2)


8) Low-level laser therapy can reduce lipopolysaccharide-induced contractile force dysfunction and TNF-alpha levels in rat diaphragm muscle


(Thanks to Dan fries for contributing some of these links)


I have constructed a small diversity of LED arrays, with varying luminosity and wavelengths and would like to see a clinical trial take place. There are many studies around that show LED therapy has beneficial results for the reduction of inflammation but there is such a wide range presented and it would be most greatly appreciated among the Rosacea community if a concrete answer was given. For example ‘X’ wavelength with ‘Y’ power for ‘Z’ amount of time works best and this is the evidence that supports it.

I live in the Sydney CBD and would very gratefully construct numerous LED arrays for a willing medical practitioner/dermatologist who could help to find some concrete evidence into which is the best treatment wavelength, strength and exposure time, and prove that it is a beneficial and effective treatment for Rosacea. This could involve a test process with a few trial patients on exposure to a variety of LED arrays of varying wavelength, luminosity and exposure times.

It would be excellent if there was a willing medical practitioner/dermatologist in the Sydney CBD area who could devise a number of tests that could prove the validity of the claims that LED therapy is an effective treatment.


The main purpose is to find the most effective arrangement, Strength and wavelength of LED arrays to treat Rosacea as effectively as possible.

Once this is found, and supported by a medical practitioner/dermatologist, The RRDi could then release a commercial product based on our findings which could be purchased by Rosacea sufferers, where profits could be used to support the RRDi.

I have seen great results from using LED therapy myself and am dedicated to refine the models and produce the best solution possible. Although this is not a cure, which is the most important focal point, it is a very effective treatment. For a small amount of some professionals time, this could prove to help manage rosacea and help to fund the RRDi until a cure is found.


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Matthew, I came to the boards today to request this very thing!

I am from Vancouver Island, Canada.

I used topical steroids for over 40 years on my face and entire body. I have experienced all the side effects that go along with this. My rosacea is permanent and my skin and blood vessels are fragile. I have unbelievably pleasing results from LLLT. For my face presently use the Dimalux unit with almost 2300 LEDs in both 660nm & 660/880nm configurations as well as the smaller but programmable Photon Tender Skin Machine TPB-300, on other body parts I use the small Warp10 (fabricated by the same manufacturer that developed the technology with NASA) and am in the process of having built a 660/880nm 800+ LED 'mobile' unit for convenience in application. Too little is known and too much is surmised on the subject of rosacea skin reponse to LED. It runs counter to conventional wisdom. I become pale and my skin cool for hours after eash treatment. This is an area of interest and study that I would be very happy to support. My gratitude that this exists and is now an option for me is immeasurable.

I hope this is the correct place to post this.

Thank you.

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