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Upgrading Our Private Forum

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Steve Andreessen, our volunteer board member and webmaster, is upgrading the private forum. Steve will be giving us some announcements when all this will take place but the current posts of the current php free template forum should be integrated into the upgraded forum. There may be some times when there will be some down time but the upgrade is worth it since the new forum will have some state of the art features that are needed to keep this a safe private forum for our professionals and members who are volunteering.

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I may as well post updates to this thread, for whoever's interested.

At this point I have obtained the software, and installed it in order to test it. It's got some great features; if the control panel of phpBB is like the dashboard of your car, the Invision control panel is like the cockpit of a B-52. I'm deciding whether or not I should integrate the member database wholesale into the forum database. I'm leaning towards... no.

Also, I'm looking for a decent forum theme to match the color scheme of the main RRDi website. Haven't found anything yet.

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