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Benzyl Benzoate for Rosacea


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Benzyl Benzoate, a treatment for scabies, not available in the USA but is available in the UK, Australia and China, has been reported to be "a useful alternative treatment for rosacea as well as for demodicosis" according to a paper published in the May issue of the J Dermatolog Treat. 

J Dermatolog Treat. 2020 May 19;:1-28
Effectiveness of benzyl benzoate treatment on clinical symptoms and Demodex density over time in patients with rosacea and demodicosis: a real life retrospective follow-up study comparing low- and high-dose regimens.
Forton FMN, De Maertelaer V

Benzyl Benzoate is listed with Anti-parasitic Prescription Agents For Rosacea

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