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IPL is one of the Photo Dynamic Therapies (PDT) for rosacea. Some IPL devices are available in the RRDi affiliate store

Intensity Pulsed Light (IPL) Therapy is one of the hottest treatment for rosacans. Reports have indicated successful cosmetic improvement for rosacea. However the side effects include skin peeling, potential loss of facial hair and pain. Many have reported having to return after some time (months or years) for more treatment.

Rosacea: significant results with a significant reduction in vessel number and size and a complete disappearance of papules have been achieved after 4 IPL sessions. Figure 1.

One report says:

"IPL significantly reduces erythema and telangiectasia of rosacea and this is sustained for at least 6 months." [1]

Another report:

"As demonstrated by truly objective and quantitative means, intense pulsed light is effective for reducing rosacea-associated blood flow, telangiectasia, and erythema." [2]

Not everyone reports that IPL helps. Belinda reports, "I had three IPL treatments with a highly respected laser specialist doctor. After the third I experienced scars appearing accross my face, facial fat loss which has left me looking guant and aged, increased redness and MORE broken cappillaries. For the first few weeks my skin looked great, put then the scars, dents, fat loss and increased redness appeared over the next few months. It was incredibly traumatic and upsetting." [3] Mistica reports some "Possible unwanted effects of IPL." Steve reports that he is "Still Red After 12 Luminus One IPL Sessions." There are many reports that IPL doesn't work for many rosaceans. However, there are other reports that it works for them.

One anecdotal report says that after the first treatment with IPL herpes broke out on the face. [4]

There is evidence that IPL kills demodex mites. [5]

"About 2.5 years ago I began having the debilitating burning you all speak of. It was so bad that I had to take time off of work. I went to a plastic surgeon and supposed laser specialist. He conducted about 5 aggressive IPL sessions. It completely took away the burning however it left me with some skin damage (I am positive). THis doc told me that IPL is the gold standard in treatment of burning and veins from rosacea. I was so totally vulnerable that I took his word as God and did what he said. Plus I was desperate for relief. When I felt that I began to notice little lines connecting on my face I brought it up with him. He of course denied it completely. I could not touch IPL after that, except for on my nose to help breakdown the vasculature. I have nose swelling and I hate it." [6]

"Although rosacea is difficult to treat, we believe that IPL can be therapeutically useful in such cases." [7]

IPL for Meibomian Gland Dysfunction

"To conclude, treatment with 540 nm-IPL improved facial telangiectasia in late-stage rosacea that remained after sequential anti-mite therapy and effectively reduced the recurrence of rosacea." [8]


IPL Burns from Perth Home Operator

January 23rd, 2012, by David Pascoe | in the news, IPL

IPL - Warning to others - don't do this long term !! - The Taff

21st October 2012

Support Groups

IPL and Laser Damage Support

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End Notes

[1] Treatment of rosacea with intense pulsed light: significant improvement and long-lasting results.
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Department of Dermatology, Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust, London NW3 2QG, U.K.
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[2]Objective and quantitative improvement of rosacea-associated erythema after intense pulsed light treatment.
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Department of Dermatology, New York University School of Medicine, New York, USA.
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[3] Belinda's full report

[4] jdubbed's report • A later report says it was a 'heat rash.'

[5] Improves acne, rosacea
Intense Pulsed Light Eradicates Demodex Mites
Timothy F. Kirn
Sacramento Bureau

[6] wendykay post no 8

[7] J Dermatol. 2018 Jun 28;:
Successful treatment of erythematotelangiectatic rosacea with intense pulsed light: Report of 13 cases.
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[8] Exp Ther Med. 2020 Jun;19(6):3543-3550
Improved telangiectasia and reduced recurrence rate of rosacea after treatment with 540 nm-wavelength intense pulsed light: A prospective randomized controlled trial with a 2-year follow-up.
Luo Y, Luan XL, Zhang JH, Wu LX, Zhou N

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