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A study just came out that is related to sugar and diabetes/obesity which is interesting:


Isn't it interesting how the scientists still are cautious about sugar's link to disease?

As this thread explains clearly sugar's role in rosacea as a rosacea trigger, there still is no proof that sugar causes rosacea, but at the very least you should cut sugar out of your diet to help control your rosacea. It may also help with other health problems such as diabetes and obesity.

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Another study just came out today in the Washington Post:

Study: Sugar even at moderate levels toxic to mice health, reproduction

This is another one that confirms sugar's role in health problems. Without a doubt, sugar is not good for rosacea and is considered a rosacea trigger.

Here is the actual clinical paper mentioned in the above link:

Human-relevant levels of added sugar consumption increase female mortality and lower male fitness in mice

  • James S. Ruff,
  • Amanda K. Suchy,
  • Sara A. Hugentobler,
  • Mirtha M. Sosa,
  • Bradley L. Schwartz,
  • Linda C. Morrison,
  • Sin H. Gieng,
  • Mark K. Shigenaga
  • & Wayne K. Potts
Nature Communications 4, Article number: 2245; doi:10.1038/ncomms3245; Received 23 December 2012 Accepted 05 July 2013 Published 13 August 2013

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  • Root Admin

It convinced me to try taking a better probiotic. I was taking a 1 Billion Lactobacillus acidophilus from Walmart so I even tried to purchase the product the above video was promoting, but their shopping cart was a joke and wouldn't accept my email address. I tried contacting the promoters of the probiotic that is being sold on the site using the contact form and it was a joke too and wouldn't accept my email address. I then contacted them using the whois lookup for the domain registration and got no reply.

So, my sister-in-law suggested purchasing iFlora through Amazon which I did and was half the price of the probiotic I won't name that is promoted in the video which has 16 different probiotic strains and has 32 Billion cells per serving and will try it for 30 days. It arrived rather quickly so I have been on day five (or so). I will let you know if I notice any difference.

But the video is very impressive and explains in detail why we are unhealthy eating the processed food industry's diet rich in sugar (whether sucrose, fructose, or whatever hidden sugar is in their product) and how we need to improve our good gut flora which has been wiped out by taking antibiotics all those years and restore balance to our body. Makes a lot of sense to me. Worth a try. I will probably do another 30 days or more.

Mister Twiggy, are you convinced enough to try taking probiotics and reduce sugar in your diet?

More information on Probiotics for Rosacea

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I am indeed! Where can I learn more about Probiotics? I'm definitely reducing sugar, but reducing carbs has proven difficult because I am already very skinny and trying to put on weight..

Side note:

Here is an excellent article in the NY Times about Sugar: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/09/02/health/low-carb-vs-low-fat-diet.html

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  • Root Admin

Time Magazine and the Washington Post report that the FDA is considering revising the Nutrition Facts Label to show how much sugar has been added to a product:


Click Here for More Information

Another article on this same subject from Cincinnati News Fox 19

Packaging World

Will listing added sugar signal its demise?, Bloomberg News, Portland Press Herald, June 3, 2016

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  • Root Admin

David Leonhardt, New York Times, wrote an interesting article, Big Sugar Versus Your Body, mentioning going sugarless for thirty days, which would also help your rosacea and makes this point about going sugarless for a month:

“The sugarless month is just a means to an end, and there are other means. Working with experts and colleagues, I’ve now put together an online guide to cutting back on sugar without spending more money or losing the pleasure of eating. That last part is important. Done right, a less sweet diet can be more enjoyable than a sugar-packed one.”

Big Sugar Versus Your Body

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  • Root Admin

A paper written in 2017 about diet and rosacea never once mentions sugar/carbohydrate as a rosacea trigger and parrots the diet triggers promoted by the NRS while admitting that "Dietary triggers are also frequently cited by patients, although there is a lack of research in this area. In one survey by the National Rosacea Society of over 400 patients, 78% had altered their diet due to rosacea. Of this group, 95% reported a subsequent reduction in flares." The NRS has never listed sugar/carbohydrate as a rosacea trigger, even though the number of anecdotal reports continue to grow that indeed sugar/carbohydrate is just as valid a rosacea trigger as any of the other NRS proposed triggers. The paper about diet and rosacea is cited below: 

Dermatol Pract Concept. 2017;7(4):31–37. Published 2017 Oct 31. doi:10.5826/dpc.0704a08
Diet and rosacea: the role of dietary change in the management of rosacea
Emma Weiss and Rajani Katta

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  • Root Admin

A new paper states the following, 'A Western diet rich in fat and sugar may lead to inflammatory skin diseases such as psoriasis, a study by UC Davis Health researchers has found."  The article mentions that "cholestyramine, a drug used to lower cholesterol levels by binding to bile acids in the intestine, helped reduce the risk of skin inflammation.'

Western diet rich in fat and sugar linked to skin inflammation, Science Daily, February 18, 2020

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