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Sugar = Rosacea Fire

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Sugar image and Fire image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The RRDi is the only non profit organization for rosacea that lists sugar and carbohydrate as rosacea triggers (see the RRDi Trigger Factor List). Search all you can and you won't find either one listed on the other non profits for rosacea trigger lists. Why do you think this is the case? 

There is ample anecdotal evidence from rosacea sufferers that reducing sugar and carbohydrate in the diet improves rosacea while ingesting huge amounts of sugar and carbohydrate triggers rosacea. Trigger factors are simply discovered by anecdotal reports from rosacea sufferers in surveys and polls. 

What many rosacea sufferers don't understand is that sugar is carbohydrate, which is simply carbon plus water. All carbohydrate is just different forms of sugar, i.e., glucose, fructose, lactose, etc. 

There are absolutely no essential nutrients in carbohydrate, none. Increasing sugar/carbohydrate into your diet is a rosacea trigger. Sugar is the fire that burns your rosacea, the fuel for your inflammation. High Sugar Content Leads to Inflammation.

If you are skeptical about this why not try eliminating or reducing sugar/carbohydrate in your diet for 30 days and see if your rosacea improves. Then eat a significant amount of sugar/carbohydrate in the diet after this 30 day experiment and notice what happens. Most rosaceans will not try this simple experiment to see if sugar/carbohydrate is triggering rosacea because most are addicted to sugar. Yes, sugar is an addition. For those septics, they will have to find another way to control their rosacea. 

Trigger avoidance is an accepted medical treatment offered by most physicians who parrot the NRS Trigger Factor List. However, you will be hard pressed to find a physician who parrots the NRS Trigger Factor List to mention you should avoid sugar/carbohydrate. The RRDi Trigger Factor List is much more extensive and continues to grow as more anecdotal evidence comes in from rosacea sufferers. Just picture in your mind that sugar is the fuel that is burning your rosacea. If you reduce the fuel that is burning your rosacea, you will help put the rosacea fire out.  


Sugar And Rosacea

Sugars to Avoid

Anecdotal Reports of Sugar/Carbohydrate Avoidance


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Yes sugar is an inflammatory food and causes inflammation because of its high glycemic index because when you eat sugar it directly goes to your gut and gets processed and enters blood stream and increases insulin level and when you are already prone to inflammation, It exacerbates and fuel the condition of inflammation. If you can reduce the intake of sugar you can after some days easily feel the roughness above the inflamed skin going away.

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