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Using the Skin Microbiome to Clear Rosacea

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image courtesy of Blake Hanson, PhD

"We’re mainly concentrated on the gut microbiome (because it seems to be linked to so many modern plagues like obesity, depression and loads of autoimmune diseases), but the skin microbiome is now coming into focus, too....I think in five years no one will use antibacterials anymore, but instead try to grow beneficial bacteria... we’re looking forward to prebiotic skincare becoming a wider-researched and formulated area of the beauty industry." [1]

"The skin microbiota in individuals with rosacea displays changes from that of healthy skin, suggesting that further studies examining a potential role for the skin microbiota in the pathophysiology of rosacea may be warranted. [2]

More on Probiotics

Do You Have a Gut Feeling About Your Rosacea?

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Microorganisms of the Human Microbiome

End Notes

[1] Meet The Pharmacist Putting Bacteria In Your Skincare Regime

[2] Am J Clin Dermatol. 2019 Sep 09;:
Characterization and Analysis of the Skin Microbiota in Rosacea: A Case-Control Study.
Rainer BM, Thompson KG, Antonescu C, Florea L, Mongodin EF, Bui J, Fischer AH, Pasieka HB, Garza LA, Kang S, Chien AL

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image courtesy of Nutrients

A report concluded, "Overall, probiotics and prebiotics are promising in protecting the skin against UVR-induced skin damage."

Nutrients. 2020 Jun; 12(6): 1795.
Published online 2020 Jun 17. doi: 10.3390/nu12061795
PMCID: PMC7353315
PMID: 32560310
Potential of Skin Microbiome, Pro- and/or Pre-Biotics to Affect Local Cutaneous Responses to UV Exposure
VijayKumar Patra,1,2 Irène Gallais Sérézal,3,4 and Peter Wolf2,*

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