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Should I Consider Broadband Therapy for Rosacea?

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As with every treatment for rosacea there are risks and benefits, aka, the Risk-Benefit Ratio, taught to every medical student. You, the patient, have the right to know what the benefits of any treatment are, as well as the risks. When you agree to accept IPL/Laser/LED for your skin issues, you without a doubt sign a written agreement which mentions that you were informed of the risks. While the majority of reports of using any photo dynamic therapy [PDL], aka, broadband therapy, for rosacea are positive, since if it didn't work there wouldn't be doctors purchasing these expensive PDL equipment for their offices, most of these reports are from the doctors' patients which are posted on their websites and by the manufacturers of these devices. There are now a huge number of these devices that anyone can purchase ranging from under a hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. There are a minority of negative reports (tried to collect these in logical categories, i.e., IPL, LED, Laser, etc, mostly from RF which is as of this date more active than the RRDi forum). Of course, knowing how to operate these devices is a huge factor on the success of the treatment since you can obviously burn yourself or a technician can overcook you. While most of the reports in RF rave about PDL or broadband treatment, the facts are, (1) You have to go back for more treatment and usually this is expensive, (2) Repeated treatments may make your skin more sensitive, (3) Physicians who have purchased a certain broadband brand light device tend to bias toward the brand purchased, which is understandable, and mention its benefits for rosacea to their patients since they have an investment in the success of this device. (4) There are more positive than negative reports (you try to collect them as I have done and see what numbers you come up with; and while you are at it, try to get a number of rosaceans to come together and volunteer in a non profit organization that helps each other, and (5) Hair loss has been reported by some patients.

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