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Donating to the RRDi or the NRS?


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Posted this to in inquiry by mickwayne in July 2018 at RF posts no 5 and 7 which I thought would be interesting for any RRDi members who may not be reading posts at RF and might read it here: 

Quote Originally Posted by mickwayne View Post
...goes to "irosaceaa.org/register" URL instead of "irosacea.org" URL.
I also have a question, Brady. Do we ever do any cold calling or events to raise money for rosacea, or specifically for the RRDi or the NRS?
Maybe we could even post DONATE buttons on our articles about rosacea so that people could donate.  
I would love to help with this as it would be a great way to essentially volunteer for what might help be close to a cure one day...or at least more improvement ?

There are rosaceans who donate to the NRS, such as the owner of this forum [The Rosacea Forum], David Pascoe, who was instrumental in donating $16K to the NRS. Without a doubt rosaceans prefer the NRS. The NRS is founded and run by non rosacea sufferers. What does the NRS spend most of its donations on? I have been following for a long time. Since 1998 through 2016 the NRS has received in donations $13,898,646. The majority (60%) of the donations are spent on two private contractors (two corporations) that are owned by the founder and director of the NRS, Sam Huff. About 10% of the donations are spent on rosacea research which amounts to $1,403,031 (which is significant since the NRS spends more on rosacea research than any other organization). However, to put this in terms you can understand, for every dollar donated to the NRS 60 cents is spent on two private corporations owned by Sam Huff. Ten cents is spent on rosacea research. The remaining 30 cents is spent on everything else. Here is the data; you can do the math yourself if you prefer. 

However, the RRDi was formed completely separately from the NRS and is founded and run by rosacea sufferers. The RRDi has tried to get corporate sponsors like the NRS has done but all the pharmaceutical companies, i.e., Galderma, Allergan, Bayer, Cutanea, Beiersdorf, colorscience, prefer to donate to the NRS. Rosaceans rarely donate to the RRDi. If you want to change this volunteer. Volunteering is not something most rosaceans want to do. They prefer how the NRS is spending the money. I have tried to gather together rosaceans into a non profit organization but the members don't post, they don't volunteer, nor do they donate. If you want to help, join the RRDi and volunteer. Sure could use the help. You can donate by clicking here. By the way, it is gracious on David Pascoe's part to let me post these words in his forum. Mucho Mahalo to David Pascoe. RF happens to be a more active rosacea forum than the RRDi. I have posted more posts in RF than in the RRDi because very few if any RRDi members post in the RRDi member forum. Weird, isn't it?

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