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Effects of stress and less sleep in rosacea remission

Apurva Tathe

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I have with my care controlled or you can say remitted the condition of rosacea. It is less exacerbating and only bothers in fall and winter and I have control over it at many times but how stress and less sleep can relapse the condition of rosacea when it is already in control, I have experienced. The dilation of blood capillaries start showing and the erythematic condition characterized by flushing is more prevalent when there were less signs. So the things you can do are take more antioxidants since stress means if you go beyond it is cellular stress which changes the skin resident proteins and immune cells and do the things which help alleviate stress so that you can have good sound sleep because again less sleep means increasing the oxidative stress. Antioxidants and good sleep are the main things you can count on.

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"Research has documented that stress has wide-ranging physiologic and clinical impacts on skin disease [1]. This has led to an interest in mind body therapies (MBTs) as potential adjunct therapies in the treatment of skin disease...

...MBTs may be considered as adjunct therapy in the treatment of several dermatologic conditions, including atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, self-induced skin conditions, and others. Other indications include during dermatologic procedures.

Further research is needed to confirm beneficial effects, to determine patient selection, and to delineate mechanisms of action. However, many of these therapies are low risk and referral to experienced practitioners or multidisciplinary clinics should be considered."

Stress and Skin: An Overview of Mind Body Therapies as a Treatment Strategy in Dermatology

In addition to stress, Nocturnal Pruritus (NP) is mentioned in this post

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