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ZZ Cream Anecdotal Reports

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zzcream125.png FREE jar of the ZZ cream!

Below are anecdotal reports of ZZ cream use collected over a great deal of investigative time for your benefit and the end notes show the source of the report usually found at RF since members at the RRDi are reluctant to post. The ones below are positive, and if you have the time you could post your investigation on the negative ones which I don't have the time for (maybe you do?). You may review my post on the ZZ cream and for a more recent update visit my blog (scroll down to my first comment) for a recent photo. I stumbled upon a negative post about the ZZ cream started by tatejones [6] on September 11, 2013 that has a significant number of positive reports which I am listing below. Starlite tried to explain to tatejones in the second post that it might be caused by the mite die off (Gets Worse Before it Gets Better) issue.  Note the positive reports from different threads about the ZZ cream mostly at RF: 

akas started a thread on January 2, 2007 with the first post stating, "Based on how it's worked on my nose so far in 12 days, I'm slightly encouraged and will continue to use it and have a little hope it can return my nose to normal-ish levels (but I've been disappointed many times before so expectations aren't really exactly high either). " [7]

"Almost finished 7 weeks and my skin is actually looking pretty good right now." [9]

"I used Soolantra initially and it was a little helpful, but I've found Zhongzhou cream a lot more helpful." [12]

beherenow started a thread on the ZZ cream January 15, 2020 and gave up after three days, however, I am listing this because beherenow wanted to know if the ZZ cream helps erythema. [4]

 chchchanging started a thread about the ZZ cream on July 7, 2011 with his first post stating he had been using for 1.5 weeks [8]

chchchanging posted on November 5, 2011, "...I think its been about 4 months since I started. Things are still going really well. Not 100% perfect but its progressed enough that I don't think much about the condition of my face anymore...." post #17 [8]

"I wasn't a believer either until I decided to try the ZZ cream, now after using it since about May 1st, I believe! I have no rosacea, after 15+ years of dealing with this crap, my skin is clear and normal." - DukeCity post no 6 [6]

"I have been using ZZ cream for a while now (not consistently) just because sometimes I forget. It has helped my skin a lot, I only had flushing. Like last night I didn't use it and flushed today and my eyes burn. I think it helps for sure." Faith1989 4/27/2016 post #39 [8]

"Hey guys, the z cream works.... I am living proof and you can see my pictures on the rosacea support group under the photos section. The best advice I can give you is give it at least 6 monhs minimum to see marked improvement, you must have alot of patience, its like a roller coaster ride, there will be alot of ups and downs along the way but keep going, you can itch, look worse, break out, skin is dry, ....but it will get better with time and patience and I used the z cream nightly (not too late though) this is when the mites are most active, put water, and then a thin layer of z cream dont over do it!" guest 1/13/2007 post #46 [7] 

"I am still using the Z cream which does seem to have helped but still getting a few P&Ps and still some deep ones." post no 41 [10]

"I put the improvement down to the zz cream. I haven't been using anything else... " post no 71 Simon [10]

In the fifth post of chchchanging's thread, Kirk posts, "...Its an ongoing battle, and the ZZ can only do so much. I feel its important to change/wash your pillow cases frequently.... probably every 3rd or every other day at the minimum. Ive also started using the ZZ during the day, where I was only using it at night. If I have any p&ps anywhere on my face when I wake up, I dab just a little bit of ZZ on those areas, but I dont use it all over my face like I do at night. I feel like this has kept the stubborn areas under control throughout the day. 2 months ago I never thought Id be able to put it on more than once, but your skin become more tolerable to the harshness of the ZZ (at least mine did and I have SUPER sensitive skin). So dont be afraid to fiddle with your routine and find something that works for you..." [8]

"Im 7 weeks into using ZZ and my skin is finally starting to be a little more consistant." post no 7 [8]

Judworth posted his report on the ZZ cream starting December 8, 2019 and posted after nearly two months on February 3, 2020, "I have been more than happy with the results, use 5 out of 7 nights and often over an oil-based night product (which really helps to reduce dryness). The face that now looks back at me is pale and although I obviously will never lose those pesky thread veins, they are much paler! All-in-all a real success for me!"  [2]

"The ZZ has helped ... soothing, seems to reduce the redness and really helps to keep the oiliness down..." KSD69 post no 18 [2]

"I've been using the zz cream for 8 days now (once a day at night). The overall redness has subsided by over 55-60%, my skin is much smoother where it used to feel like sandpaper before, it's far less itchy, papules and postules have shrunk, bumps have greatly shrunk in a week (incl. those that appeared a couple of days ago) whereas before it would have taken weeks, the skin looks calmer and not angry or as inflamed as it did before and, finally, the spots and redness along the jawline have almost disappeared." Libby2018 post no 148 [6]

"...I have used the zcream for around 5 months now and at about 2-3 months of using it the mites started to come back after being gone for awhile, I mean my rosacea was under controll and my skin was smooth, and then out of the blue I was getting breakouts again and redness (especially after I ate) granted the pustules and papules would go away quickly, but they were a pain nonetheless. You have to add more to the zcream treatment to really get rid of the mites for good, and I have found using the zcream for at least a month or two gets your face prepared for this more aggressive treatment..." Lobster222222 1/13/2007 post #45 [7]

"yes, zz cream really works! at least it did for me. zz cream every night and within two months my skin was almost clear. after the initial breakout from the dying mites my skin was already noticeably improving after a week. I highly recommend it. This stuff makes a big difference! "  mapleleaves 11/30/2015 post #33 [8]

"Asm, keep going. It seems that you are going to be benefited by the zz cream. The dryness and redness are only temporary. 
I have been using the zz cream twice a day for quicker results. When the dryness was at its worst and zz cream would be visible on my skin, I applied it only in the evenings. In the mornings I used boric acid 2%, it lessened the flakes without worsening the dryness and I was 100% sure it wouldn’t feed demodex or any other bacteria." MariaSt post no 63 [6]

"This stuff absolutely works. I've been dealing with acne/rosacea for years. I WISH I had the ZZ cream all those years ago.
After 3 weeks, my face is almost completely clear." Mikhala post no 162 [6]

"Day 19...Then, I applied the zzcream and went to bed, woke up, had my coffee, looked in the mirror......AND NO FLUSHING!!!!!!!! NO REDNESS!!!!!!! Just little red broken cappillaries. Did I mention that I am having PMS as well? Think it is a result of the ZZ cream?" January 31, 2007,post no 66 [7]

"I too use ZZ cream along with other things, and find it a very useful tool in my toolbox, but for most people, a multi approach is necessary." Mistica post no 157 [6]

"...I'd like to add, btw, that zz cream is the most effective product I have used against p&p, they fade in two days..." MariaSt 6/17/2018 post #99 [7]

"I would advise any rosacean or flusher to give ZZ Cream a whirl and if necessary mix it with a topical you can tolerate." Mistica, post no 16, Rosacea Forum

Mothinrust started a thread on the ZZ cream on December 16, 2019 and posted after two months on January 18, 2020, "I'm sure you've read my updates. My face is so soft and smooth from using ZZ cream. All flakiness and dryness gone. And to be honest with you that alone is worth using it. All traces of Seb derm are gone and I havent seen any P&Ps in weeks now." [5]

"I've been applying the ZZ for just over 7 weeks now and believe there has been some improvement with the p&ps." Jen, October 11, 2006, post no 91 [10]

"I'm glad there is a new thread now running on ZZ. I hesitated for a long time before trying it but really pleased that I finally gave it a go. I don't really care if I have excess Demodex Mites or not...what I do know is that it helps to keep my p&p's at bay. Not perfect but better than anything else I've tried! What I have learnt though is that when I am stressed out, it doesn't matter what I'm doing for the control of my Rosacea beast...a breakout will happen! Urgh! Well, at least they are not nearly as severe as before and at least no more swelling on my face! YEAY!!! I mean, to be able to count or to 'work on' a few p&p's is not so bad!...Oh, one last thing. I don't work for Demodex Solutions nor do I have any monetary connection with them. I decided to try ZZ after reading about it from other's posts over a long period of time. Then my final 'hand in pocket' was after watching Simon's progress over several months. I'm glad I did though." redhotoz post no 26 on 7th January 2007 [7]

RedRecluse ordered the ZZ cream on May 5, 2017 who became an avid fan of its use and posts his detailed treatment with lots of daily photos and wrote on Septeber 8, 2017, "I really do believe ZZ Cream is a miracle product for many skin conditions (it cured my Seborrhoeic Dermatitis and Eczema too)." You can view his clearance which took approximately four months progressively with his photos in the thread. There are others who report their use of the ZZ cream in this 21 page thread (as of this date). [1] 

redvelvet started her thread on the ZZ cream on December 1, 2019 and posted on April 7, 2020 (over four months later), " I only used ZZ cream as my external form of treatment because I'd had it with medications that made it so much worse, and I was afraid to try lasers. I know meds and lasers help many people, but I wanted to try natural treatments first to address demodex. Luckily ZZ is quite remarkable and I had amazing success treating the marks, bumps, pustules, papules, enlarged pores and sandpaper like feel of my skin. It helped quite a lot with the redness too, but I'm pretty convinced that the flushing was due to gut and liver issues, as well as spleen. I'm happy to say I haven't flushed in quite sometime now, maybe months." By the way redvelvet is a doctor of chiropractor and volunteers on the RRDi MAC. [3]

"In September 2004 I began using the ZZ ointment, which got me clear of p&p's in just a few days. Then in February 2005, after I had been using the ZZ ointment for about 6 months, I decided to take a break from it." Heather, June 21, 2006, post no 26 [10]

"I have personally found nothing better than the ZZ ointment." Heather, July 21, 2006, post no 59 [10]

"Once you have completed the 120 days, you should the try using the ZZ ointment every other day....then every 3rd day....until you find the right maintenance schedule for yourself." Heather, July 31, 2006, post no 61 [10]

"The ZhongZhou ointment from www.demodexsolutions.com eliminated this problem. My pores are no longer plugged, are signficantly smaller looking, and the greasiness has been reduced by about 95%. My nose no longer swells and no longer gets skin buildup/flakiness." Heather, January 2, 2008, post no 3 [11]

Note: The above anecdotal reports are in alphabetical order according to their display name. This is still under construction and will be updated with more reports. If you have an experience using the ZZ cream why not post in this thread your comment. Find the reply button and volunteer to help other rosacea sufferers. 

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End Notes

[1] RedRecluse -  URGENT help please, I've never woken up with it this bad. Desperate! (w/ pics)

[2] Judworth - Zhongzhou Cream

Judworth started another thread on the ZZ cream on January 29, 2020 and states on post no 34 (February 12, 2020), " I am using only about 4 times a week now, still with the same great results!"

[3] redvelvet - Started ZZ Cream today (with Pic)

At post no 72 she reports, "It's been a while since I posted an update, but wanted to let you all know I'm still a huge fan of ZZ Cream. My skin continues to lighten and I really don't even feel "red" anymore. Thank you redrecluse for sharing your story, because that was the first post I read which inspired me. I really think I should buy a lifetime supply of ZZ incase, God forbid, they ever stop making it. It has changed my life. Actually, this website has, because this is where I first heard of demodex mites and ZZ cream. Thank you Brady Barrows!! I have been so inspired to share what I've learned with other rosaceans who are walking around completely unaware of demodex mites and the fact that there might be a cure to their rosacea. Some people on this forum have asked me for more specifics about the gut cleanse/detox I did and the products I used. (All Standard Process). So I started a blog/website, www.rosaceahelp.org which goes into much more detail about gut health, cleanses, diet, facial products, this amazing website, the RRDI, and of course Zhong Zhou cream. I am hoping to add more content as I learn more, and hoping others will share their success stories there as well." 

[4] beherenow - ZZ cream for Type 1 or am I wasting my time?

[5] Mothinrust - Severe die off from zz after first use?

[6] tatejones - zz cream - so scared my face is ruined forever...

[7] skas - My experiences with the infamous ZZ cream so far

[8] chchchanging - My Story with ZZ Cream]  [July 7, 2011, post no 1

[9] anemicroyalty [post no 33]

[10] hencloud1 (Simon) - My photos (photos there now!)

[11] Bonefish - Any "purifying" ointment?

[12] antwantsclear [post no 14]


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Wonderful compilation of reports, Brady. I have also been in touch with several people personally who continue to express gratitude for ZZ cream and awareness of the demodex mite issue. Thank you for your continued work!

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