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Treatment for Phenotype 2


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Persistent Erythema, Phenotype 2, is, perhaps, the most difficult phenotype to treat. Mirvaso and Rhofade are two treatments for phenotype 2. You should read the posts about Mirvaso and Rhofade. There have been reports of rebound with both, but particularly with Mirvaso (less rebound reports with Rhofade).

"There are numerous treatment options available, including medical and/or laser, light and energy-based devices, that can ameliorate unwanted facial redness, telangiectasias, and superficial veins." [1]

"Some recent research into the effectiveness of Soolantra has found that in addition to being proven (again) as a treatment for the papules and pustules of rosacea, it is also showing to be effective for the redness of rosacea." Soolantra works for a red face too, David Pascoe, Rosacea Support

Botulinum toxin intradermal injection combined with broadband light [2]

Brimonidine and Laser/Light-based Therapy

Dual-frequency ultrasound (DFU) 



Non Prescription (store)

Non Prescription (forum) 

Rosmarinic Acid, Gallic Acid, and Caffeic Acid

Tranexamic acid solution

Tranexamic acid (TXA) Intradermal Microinjections

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End Notes

[1] Clin Cosmet Investig Dermatol. 2021; 14: 601–614.
Updates and Best Practices in the Management of Facial Erythema
Jameson Loyal, Emily Carr, Rawaa Almukhtar, Mitchel P Goldman

[2] "Botulinum toxin intradermal injection combined with broadband light has a definite therapeutic effect on the improvement of rosacea related erythema and flushing, which is better than simple broadband light, and has high safety. It is worthy of clinical promotion."

A randomized, controlled, split-face study of Botulinum toxin and broadband light for the treatment of Erythemato telangiectatic rosacea

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