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What the RRDi Has Accomplished Since 2004


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The RRDi has accomplished the following since the founding of this non profit organization in 2004: 

(1) Set up a 501 (c) 3 non profit organization recognized by the IRS and registered as a non profit in the State of Hawaii

(2) A web site with a wealth of data on rosacea categorized in the member forum as posts and pages of this site using the Invision Community platform. We have also created a private forum with Tapatalk. We also have a private Facebook Group

(3) One Journal

(4) Education grants sponsored by Galderma

(5) RRDi MAC

(6) Registered 1486 active/inactive members, most of whom declare themselves rosaceans. 

[Over 1070 inactive voting members plus 5 Active Voting members (total 1075 voting active/inactive members) and more than 378 inactive non voting members along with 5 active non voting members (Total 383 active/inactive non voting members) plus 28 other volunteers, i.e., board members, MAC members, grant writers, moderators, proof readers, makes a grand total of 1486)  Learn what the difference is between an active vs an inactive member is

(Member stats Updated, May 25, 2021) 

(7) Affiliate store that gives our non profit a small amount of income

(8) Google sponsorship with G Suite and AdWords Grant as well as Demodex Solutions sponsorship

(9) Made over 90 videos for the new generation of internet users who have gone to social media platforms to increase member registrations by placing them all over the website appealing to all these to post and engage with posts as members. 

(10) Made a GUEST FORUM that allows anyone to post a comment to get some feedback. 

If you want the RRDi to continue I am appealing to you to step up the plate and VOLUNTEER. We don't have money to pay you to do something about rosacea, but we do have the organization set up so that you, as a rosacea sufferer, can become a part of these accomplishments mentioned above. Maybe you think there should be some accomplishment to add to the above list that would even be better than all of them. The fact is that the charter of our non profit allows members to become an active part in the decisions made. Other rosacea non profit organizations do not under any stretch of the imagination allow you to become involved with the decision making of the organization and, instead, are tight knit closed organizations with a tight knit board of directors that decide how to spend the donations on who or what benefit from these expenses.     

As the director for many years (and now the treasurer), I have done the bulk of the work but in the past have had a handful of volunteers who helped me. As it stands right now, if we don't get some members to post, to get involved, the hand writing is on the wall, the RRDi will simply close when the money runs out to pay for the website. Please post in our forum. That would be the best thing you could do since basically I am making all the posts. You could at least comment on something, please. You can make a comment to this post by finding the (1) REPLY TO THIS TOPIC button either above or (2) below this comment. Finding the (3) QUOTE button also allows you to post a comment. In these three methods you will need to register an account which is simple. If you can register and account with Facebook or Reddit or any social media account you can register an account with the RRDi. All that is required is no more than what a social media account requires. If you don't want to register an account you can POST in our Guest Forum

Brady Barrows 
RRDi Treasurer

You may want to watch the video, What Should a Non Profit for Rosacea Be Doing?

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