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Diet Triggers


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Diet Triggers seem to be the more popular rosacea trigger to discuss. However, one must understand rosacea triggers in general before considering the list below. One must always remember that these proposed diet triggers are based upon purely anecdotal reports. You may  be interested in what the role diet plays in rosacea?

Rosacea Diet Trigger List

Alcohol * [7]

Animal Diet

Avocados *

Bananas *

Broad-leaf beans and pods *

Capsaicin +

Carbohydrate [5]

Cheese *

Chili +

Chocolate *

Citrus fruits *

Coconut Oil [3]

Coffee +

Curry +

Eggplant *

Figs *

Foods high in histamine *

Gluten [6]

High Carbohydrate Diet **

Hot drinks *

Lima beans *

Liver *

Marinated meats *

Navy beans *

Pea *

Peppers +


Red plums *

Salicylates [4]

Sour cream *

Soy +

Sour Cream

Soy sauce *

Spicy food *

Spinach *

Sugar **

Thermally hot foods *

Tomatoes *

Vanilla *


Vitamin B Complex Supplement [1]

Vitamin E [2]



* National Rosacea Society Trigger List

** Rosacea 101—Rosacea Diet

# Flushing Syndromes

## Dermis

^ Rosacea Support Group

+ Ken Landow, MD

The source of the above list was complied based upon Rosacea 101: Includes the Rosacea Diet, iUniverse, 2007, by Brady Barrows with the author's permission. I have continued to add more diet triggers upon any anecdotal evidence discovered since the publication of my book.

Chemical Triggers

More info on Triggers

End Notes

[1] Actas Dermosifiliogr. 2011 Feb 4.
Rosacea Triggered by a Vitamin B Complex Supplement.
Martín JM, Pellicer Z, Bella R, Jordá E.

Actas Dermosifiliogr. 2011 Feb 4.

[2] There is one anecdotal report that Vitamin E is a rosacea trigger in at least one rosacea sufferer. This has not been substantiated by any other reports. For more info read cherylarose's post.

[3] One anecdotal report by Mister88

[4] christine123 posted on September 4, 2012 #17

[5] Rosacea 101: Includes the Rosacea Diet

[6] Julie Rangel Oliver and Stephanie Amarante in Rosacea (English), Facebook 

Jacqui C., It Works for Me, Category, Food & Beverages, NRS

[7] What About Alcohol and Rosacea?

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