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Our website is now a subscription based members only website. We experimented with closing out 95% of our website to member only and set up a GUEST area which is shown below. However, we changed back to allowing guests and members to view 95% of the website for free since we rely totally on donations from members, sponsors, and our affiliate store to keep this website and non profit organization going. So whether you are in our guest area of the forum or our actual member forum the public has access to all our rosacea data for free. 

Guests May View the Following

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Members Have Access To Way More Rosacea Information


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On 10/1/2021 at 8:01 PM, Miss said:

I'm trying to activate my account.  Any help?

If you are a RRDi inactive member, you need to login to your account. Then simply accept the new terms of registration and subscribe for a minimum of one month (discount for three, six, twelve, or hundred twenty month subscriptions). That reactivates your account. Once you are reactivated, under your display name it shows 'Active Member Subscribed.' This gives you 30 days of access to our website where guests are restricted (or longer if you chose a longer subscription plan). 

If you remember the email address you used to register your account but forgot the password, use the forgot password tool to reactivate your account: 


If you don't remember your login credentials, our volunteers can assist. Use the contact form and give us what you remember you used to register your account, i.e., your display name?  We can then reset your password for you if we can figure out what EMAIL you used to register your account. 


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